I like this a lot. But I'm very much a fan of necromancy, especially the sort that isn't obviously evil.

For the Necromantic Studies, I'd require that the ones that refer to any specific spell should require you to have access to that spell. Given the phrasing of the Necromantic Studies, I presume that you aren't supposed to be able to take studies of the nth level unless you are at least level n in the class. This should be stated explicitly.

The Granted bit needs work:

Additionally, you may scribe a Symbol of Necromantic Power onto every Undead you create using Animate Dead. A Symbol of Necromantic Power grants an Undead.
Words are missing here. Also "Granted of the Mind and Body" sounds very awkward as an ability name.

I think that extending this to 10 levels is probably a good idea. If so, I'd have only one use of Necromantic Study at each level, and increase the number of options.

I'd consider also adding some number of cleric spells which they can treat as necromancy spells on their arcane caster lists. Raise Dead would be the most obvious such spell, just to fit the flavor of your initial quite. I'd also consider adding Death Knell, the various Inflict spells, Harm, and Speak with Dead. Spreading these out over the 10 levels would help make this a decent 10 level PrC.