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Very neat idea. You take all aspects of necromancy, not just undead animation, and enhance it. I like that such a necromancer class has finally been done, because there are not enough debuffer necromancers in the game.
Thank you.
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I like this a lot. But I'm very much a fan of necromancy, especially the sort that isn't obviously evil.
Same here. I played a Necromancer in a party of mine forever ago. Me, the Paladin and the Cleric of Pelor went at length about how I'm not evil, I'm just using life forces. The Fighter, during all of this, spent his time whittling away ten foot ladders to make ten foot poles to sell.

Much to his credit, that is how we afforded all our magical equipment... once their tax for my Tower was taken out.
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For the Necromantic Studies, I'd require that the ones that refer to any specific spell should require you to have access to that spell. Given the phrasing of the Necromantic Studies, I presume that you aren't supposed to be able to take studies of the nth level unless you are at least level n in the class. This should be stated explicitly.
Right. Should've put in you need the spell.

Well, by the time you can take this class at it's earliest, you're fifth level, finishing it at 10th level, if you just focus on it. You start out being able to cast 3rd level spells, and then you can cast up to 5th level spells. There isn't a huge gap between when you'd be able to use Studies of a higher spell level than available to you. I'll throw in something for that.
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Words are missing here. Also "Granted of the Mind and Body" sounds very awkward as an ability name.
I was running out of ways to throw in 'Necro', without using Philia or Phobia. One can get me potentially banned? The other makes this class irrelevant.
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I think that extending this to 10 levels is probably a good idea. If so, I'd have only one use of Necromantic Study at each level, and increase the number of options.
I was limiting this to PHB spells for the most part, since, if I included things outside of it, some people wouldn't be able to use them properly.
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I'd consider also adding some number of cleric spells which they can treat as necromancy spells on their arcane caster lists. Raise Dead would be the most obvious such spell, just to fit the flavor of your initial quite. I'd also consider adding Death Knell, the various Inflict spells, Harm, and Speak with Dead. Spreading these out over the 10 levels would help make this a decent 10 level PrC.
I'm hesitant with this one. A bunch of Cleric Necromancy spells are iffy with this, and some spells wouldn't mix with this class, in my opinion. In addition, Clerics get Animate Undead as a 3rd level spell, while Wizards/Sorcerers get it as a 4th level spell.
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Awesome stuff, well worth extending to tenth level. Only criticism with the capstone is that you should make that 'telepathy is unlimited by distance within the same plane'. It's one of those little things that seems to be required.
Aw. But I wanted to communicate with him while he's in the Elemental Plane of Fire.
"Mort, how is it?"
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Out of curiosity, why is Chaotic Neutral disqualified? Despite the bad reputation Chaotic Stupid players have given it, CN is just as morally neutral as LN and TN and seems just as suitable to the basic fluff given so far.
I disqualified CN because I was making this along the lines of a Scholar; someone who needed extreme dedication to the Art of Necromancy. Chaotic, being somewhat flighty, doing whatever it fancies, did not seem to fit.