I was running out of ways to throw in 'Necro', without using Philia or Phobia. One can get me potentially banned? The other makes this class irrelevant.
Hmm, how about just "Imbue Symbol"? Or "Telenecrotic Bond" ?

I'm hesitant with this one. A bunch of Cleric Necromancy spells are iffy with this, and some spells wouldn't mix with this class, in my opinion. In addition, Clerics get Animate Undead as a 3rd level spell, while Wizards/Sorcerers get it as a 4th level spell.
Well, so just use a limited set maybe? But it isn't unreasonable to give an arcane necromancer PrC the ability to cast Animate Dead as a 3rd level spell. It doesn't break anything. The only reason why I brought this up, and it is a tiny one, is that the flavor quote at the beginning is awesome, but makes no sense if they don't have access to raise dead or something similar.

I was limiting this to PHB spells for the most part, since, if I included things outside of it, some people wouldn't be able to use them properly.
Ok. So pick higher level spells. There are around 15 or so additional arcane necromancy spells of level 6 or above. So make stuff for some them maybe?

I disqualified CN because I was making this along the lines of a Scholar; someone who needed extreme dedication to the Art of Necromancy. Chaotic, being somewhat flighty, doing whatever it fancies, did not seem to fit.
Hmm, that's not obvious to me. A fair number of "scholars" seem to be chaotic neutral in behavior, flitting from task to task, researching whatever strikes their fancy. Moreover, given that in many nice societies much of necromancy is frowned on or outright illegal, people who didn't like government control would be a natural group to consider taking stuff.