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    Quote Originally Posted by Cardea View Post
    I disqualified CN because I was making this along the lines of a Scholar; someone who needed extreme dedication to the Art of Necromancy. Chaotic, being somewhat flighty, doing whatever it fancies, did not seem to fit.
    Being CN doesn't mean you can't be a dedicated academic. (If it did, you couldn't have CN archivists, wizards, Loremasters, geometers..) For example, a researcher who believes that "forbidden knowledge" must be unearthed, researched, and propagated in the name of free thought would be CN. So would an obsessive fanatic who disregards all laws and social mores in the name of perfecting his mastery of necromantic knowledge.

    Chaotic Neutral doesn't have to be Chaotic Stupid and it doesn't have to be flitty or dimwitted.
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