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    Default Re: [3.5] The Grey Arcanist (Necromancer PrC / PEACH)

    I like this class, I do I do I do. You've made debuffers happy today, and the necromancers who arn't going around like cultists eating babies. As I remember a player telling a Paladin;

    "It's a corpse, not a un-living horror, like an Atropal. Calm Down."

    However, one slight thing - How does Animate Dead Study interact with the Deathbound Domain (Cleric Dip, Planar Touchstone, yadda yadda..)? The domain power ups the creation limit to 3xCL HD, and yours ups it to 5xCL HD.
    If anything, it probably should supercede it, but it's your call.
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