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    Applied Necromancy

    AN is the front business for Frank's operation. Primarily based out of a run-down warehouse in the Red Zone, outwardly decrepit, but heavily warded. The operation isn't huge, at the moment: Frank himself is the most powerful member (and won't have a profile until I'm good and ready, so there), and he's created several rather powerful lieutenants, summoning vastly powerful alien intelligences, binding them via labrynthian and mind-bending contracts, and sticking them into the most fit hosts he could find. Most of his mooks, however, are controlled by more modest, easy to control daemons.

    Frank's a human in his mid-20s, rather overweight, and completely, utterly, evil. A full profile will appear eventually.

    Lotus is Frank's most complicated creation: her physical form in her previous life is one thing, but since she now operates under a Class 4 Glamour, she can shift her appearance at will, usually prefering that of a stunning human woman. She's Frank's only truly undead creation; in order to allow the daemon controlling her the most possible power, all other life had to be wiped away. Therefore, everything she does is with an alien, unearthly grace, and she's much closer to "sqaumous" than "mundane" when it comes right down to it.

    Further lieutenants will appear when I think of them.

    Foot soldiers
    It takes a shockingly short amount of time to set up a binding grid in an alley, drag a couple of innocents into it, rattle off the incantations, and have a new squad of unquestioningly loyal, daemon-possessed minions. Most of Frank's minions are normal humans leading normal lives; however, at any given time, twenty or so are on guard at the warehouse, and another thirty are off running Frank's errands throughout the city.
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