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    Valerie Ricci

    Gender: Female

    Species: Vampire, fallen ishim

    Age: 27

    Profession: Mother of five

    Valerie is a young vampiric human woman with caucasian features. She's very tall and has a slender figure. Her hair is dark brown and long enough to cover her eyes. Her skin is exceptionally pale and her eyes are bright red. Her canines are noticeably pointed and long. She has a long, slender tail and a large pair of black feathered wings. She's most often wearing modest dresses and full makeup.

    Valerie is a quiet and unassuming person, and can perhaps be hard to read to people who don’t know her. She’s a people pleaser and wants the best for others. However, she can be quite a bold person when it comes down to things she really cares about.

    Creature of the Night - As a vampire, Valerie has both strengths and weaknesses a normal person would not. By and large, her physical prowess is enhanced, her senses are tuned, and she is resilient to harm. Her body can even change in small ways to suit the hunt. This all comes at a cost. Sunlight and symbols of the sun harm her, and of course her eternal thirst must be satisfied.

    Seducer - All vampires fall into three paths, and for Valerie that is the seducer. Seducers excell at the manipulation of others. Naturally they tend to be compelling in conversation, but they can also exert their will on others directly.

    Armed with Light - Through pure will, Valerie can call a blackened blade or shield to her hand. It's as strong as her conviction and will never fail so long as she doesn't. The blade is not entire physical. It may pass harmlessly through what it touches, or it may leave wounds that are not physical. When she's filled with rage, it burns with a hellish flame.

    Valerie was raised in the bustling city of Gul-Thadar. It was an odd place, constantly under the cover of darkness and run by the vampire upper class. Her family was always poor. Both her parents worked multiple jobs and getting by was a struggle sometimes.

    As soon as she was able, Valerie started working. She was fortunate and got work with one of the local vampire "families", Tenebras. She was to be properly indoctrinated into the family. It was soon after that that she went on a long term trip in a business venture lead by Ramiro, one of the heads of the family.
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