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    Victor Lenis

    Alias: Lord Victor Lenis of Northeast, Luke C. Nydda
    Gender: Male.
    Race/Species: Human.
    Age: 37
    Alignment: N/A
    Class/Profession: Noble, Warrior, Warlord.
    Power Rating: B+
    Description: Tall, light-haired man, with broad shoulders and an upright stance. Neat, well-trimmed, dirty-blonde hair and dark blue eyes. A curved scar on the upper part of his left arm (not usually visible, but a way of identifying him I suppose).
    Personality: Manipulative, scheming, but generally friendly. Goal-oriented but non-obsessive. A decent leader and manager of resources where he is from, and quickly adaptive to being out of his element. Occasionally superior, even arrogant. Gives talking and action equal value, depending on the situation.
    Equipment: First and foremost; His magic sword, practically unbreakable (totally unbreakable by normal means), this glowing blade can smash stone and slice metal. However, despite being very clearly exceptionally sharp, this blade cannot kill. Anyone struck by this Longsword can, at best, be rendered unconcious or, if beaten brutally enough with enough heavy strikes, perhaps rendered comatose. But the blade will never take a life.
    His armour, not quite as unique or magical as his sword, but enchanted to absorb physical force, to a degree, and to change colour scheme on the whim of the owner. (Because you never know what colours you'll be fighting under tomorrow). Of note: the armour is obviously face-concealing.
    Many different outfits, shoes, shirts and the like, for various occasions or desired appearances.
    A simple, iron dagger, looted off of something or other, always worn on his belt.
    Abilities: Limited mental abilities; Limited in that they are almost completely internal, only working as a mental defense, or to pick up extremely obvious or powerful thoughts and emotions. Your mind is safe, unless it enters his.
    A spirit of desire, trapped in his right hand, allowing him to use the spirit's magic, as long as the use is fueled by his desire for something. (Most common use: Summoning his weapons or armour from wherever they are to him with the click of a finger, but also usable for more interesting magical applications. Almost completely useless offensively or defensively in a fight)
    Greatly enhanced physical abilities, stronger and faster than the average human should be.
    Backstory: OOC: Unsolidified and kinda vague. IC: Mysterious
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