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    Species: 8-Bit Human

    Gender: Male

    Age: 21

    Alignment: CN. He just wants to save the princess.

    Class: Hero (duh)

    Power Rating: B

    Description: Hero is your stereotypical 8-bit hero, except now he's in FULL 3D! He's blocky, with a large square head and body, bright blue eyes, spiky brown hair, and blue clothes. He's made out of 3D pixels, so he looks almost like a statue made out of colored bricks. Hes about 60 tall.

    Powers: Anything you might expect from an 8-bit videogame. He can jump exceedingly high, instantly heal by touching food, hold a near infinite amount of objects, return from the dead, etc. He has three hit points, but every attack, strong or weak, does one health point worth of damage to him, so he can survive attacks that would baste a normal person.

    Equipment: Hero has a blocky, pixelated sword that pushes anyone it hits a few feet back. He also has a small shield, and five extra lives.

    Story: Hero lived a mediocre life as a commoner until Princess Sarah was kidnapped by the evil knight Sir Stain. Of course, Hero set off to rescue her. After travelling through seven contrived and themed dungeons, he reached the final dungeon and fought Sir Stain. On the verge of defeat, Stain created a portal to another world and pushed Hero through. When Hero tumbled out the other side, he found himself in the Nexus.
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