Skugdim Rigning

Alias:Probably a lot, but what kind of friend would I be if I just went and told all of you about them?

Gender: Male

Species: Goblin


Class: Originally, a thief. Since coming into his own enough to afford the materials for study, primarily a wizard and mad scientist, though he hasn't forgotten his stealthy old tricks, by any means.

Power Rating: Around a C+, generally; up to a B or so with planning; anywhere from E- to S when in periods of psychological trauma/shock.

Description: To most humans, Skugdim would look like any other goblin, though perhaps with a somewhat, shall we say, "distinctive" sense of fashion; Skugdim typically dresses in a finely-tailored black-and-white suit with a thin necktie and flamboyantly green (even against his skin) handerchief in its pocket, however, he wears well-worn black boots (with red laces on his right foot and green on his left), even with the otherwise formal outfit. His hair is usually nicely trimmed and neatly arranged, usually somewhere between a pompadour and being slicked back, in any case with a noteable widow's-peak, as is typical of a goblin. Skugdim sleeps rather poorly and, accordingly, the green of his skin darkens towards a midnight blue around his eyes, and fatigue has sunken his cheeks such that his pronounced cheekbones protrude even more. Skugdim chainsmokes, and is essentially only seen without a cigarette on special occasions, when he smokes a cigar.

Personality: Somewhere behind the crazy, the malicious, the sociopathic, the et ceteras, Skugdim is a charming, occasionally even courteuos, fellow. Deep down, one could argue that he is a basically good guy who, through a multiverse largely filled with prejudice, personal adversity, and that sort of distillation of qualities which comes from long periods of loneliness have soured and bent into the misshapen thing he is today. Half-mad in his lucid periods, with more knowledge at his behest even than his brilliant mind can hold, Skugdim is consumed with paranoid distrust and deep-seated derision for most any sort of society, however, there are some things (animals, small children, the heartbroken) for whom he feels great empathy and care, though the lengths he will go to defend them often hide his soft side beneath his familiar, destructive shell. His madness, in all of its forms, hasn't detracted from the brilliance which brought it about, and even in his most disjointed of conversations, cleverness and intellectual acuity shine through.

Equipment: Skugdim is a very capable archer, and has a wide collection of bows which, through both magic and science, he is continually refining. He does not wear armour, for those unsafe enough to need it will, in his experience, gain no benefit from its meagre "protections." He carries two heavily enchanted kukri knives of a durable, lightweight alloy of a reflective, dark-blue colour. Otherwise, there is a curious-looking ring in his left ear. Beyond that, he somehow manages to rapidly assemble laboratories wherever he finds himself, though precisely how this is done is unknown.

Abilities: A capable caster and scientist, Skugdim's main strength relies in the clever tactics and complex machinations learned in his time as a more mundane criminal; more than his myriad of potent (though unremarkable) tools, Skugdim's most terrifying ability is the brain with which he uses them.

Backstory: Has anybody ever told you "None of your business?" If not, let a paranoid Goblin be the first.