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    Davitte Serlow

    Alias: NA
    Gender: Male.
    Race/Species: Yuan-Ti pureblood adapted to the underground
    Age: 32
    Alignment: Chaotic Pure Business
    Class/Profession: Operative
    Power Rating: On the DnD 3.5 CR level...he'd probably be about a seven.
    Description: Davitte has deep navy blue skin with soft scales showing up here and there, especially along his spine and well-muscled belly. For a yuan-ti, he is surprisingly good looking to mammalian humanoids, with his broad forehead, strong chin, and smooth face. His eyes are angled and reflective, with almost no color to the iris (though the reflective qualities cause it to sometimes have a silvery prismatic sheen, like a good pearl). He has no hair, but he does have some dark blue feathers extending from the back of his head that are loose enough to look like hair. Little glowing blue spots run up and down the side of his body and leave a glowing mist, and his tongue and breath glow neon blue. He likes to wear dark brown and black rags that he ties tightly over his body so that none of his skin is showing and binds them to himself even tighter with light leather thongs. He wears a brown hooded cloak, and masks his face with more rags, covering up his eyes with black lensed goggles. He's tall, lithe, and lightly muscled and has small, thin membraned frills around the backs of his ear holes that move around to amplify sound. His tongue is forked, and can swell up and launch his fast acting venom a surprising distance.
    Personality: Pragmatic, constantly worried, jealous, quick to make friends and enemies, and even quicker to fight for or kill them. Enjoys knowing more than his enemies if he can, and likes to drink. Believes strongly in putting fun and meeting new people above all else, and isn't one to settle down for long. Becomes sort of an ass when in combat or doing business. He has no qualms against eating or capturing those who attack him, but is protective of children, loves to tell stories, and feels horrible about what he does sometimes. If it wasn't for his tribe's and his own survival, he wouldn't be doing a lot of the things he does.
    Equipment: Two buckler shields strapped to his arms and two curved long knives with bladed pommels. The knives are bladed on both sides at the tip, but the lower half of the back is blunt and meant for blocking. He carries around several scrolls and maps and other things, and has a belt of daggers and a hand crossbow.
    Abilities: The yuan-ti pureblood abilities, plus some low level wizard spells and the ability to spit his paralyzing venom at enemies as a contact poison.
    Backstory: Davitte is a spy for a contingent of Yuan-Ti that was lost underground centuries ago, but still carries out it's mission of mapping underground. He doesn't know it, but the group was killed off by drow scouts almost as soon as he left to map out his assigned area ten years ago. Over the last ten years, he has grown to love the fact his job lets him do pretty much whatever he wants, since he has a life time to do it. More to be added later.
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