Alias: NA
Gender: Technically none, identifies as male
Race/Species: "Crystal/stone giant" similar to rock elementals, giants, golems, and discworld trolls
Age: 1,468
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Class/Profession: Leader
Power Rating:
Description: Like others of his kind, he has humanoid form, but hunches over a bit and reaches a height of about 16 feet, with a stocky and wide body. He for the most part made of hard rock, but has growths of huge, luminescent, and sharp quartz-like navy blue crystals protruding from his knuckles, shoulders, forehead, and back. His facial features are crude and seem etched into his stone head, his eyes aren't even a different color than the rest of his body and he lacks eyelids.
Equipment: Nothing. Nudity is not a problem.
Abilities: He can speak common/English relatively well, and leads his clan of giants. And... can... smash... stuff?
Backstory: He was born in and has lived in the Underside for most of his long, looong "life". Once he reached the good age of around 1,000 or so, Grogorg became leader of his clan of giants due to seniority. He decided to try some new things, and joined the Undercity. Soon his clan of giants hollowed and shaped a garden of crystals in a stalagmite, and became one of the noble houses. And... that's that.