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    Champion of Turtia

    The Champion of Turtia's predator is the Champion of Krav by Admiral Squish (not sure how to link to a specific post - sorry all).

    The Beginning

    In ancient times, before the angels of the Heavens and the demons of the Abyss came to be, before even our mighty gods, the world was cold and dead. Lifeless, waterless, there was nothing save the cold, dead stone. Then, there was Prime. Prime was the first. The eldest, the greatest, the source of all divinity. Prime took reality itself in His hands, and, molding it like clay, and he began to create.

    Prime held out His hands. In one, He created the sun; in the other, the moon. Each of them Prime hung in the heavens, one on each side of the world, so that He might see His work and marvel at its beauty. But in creating the light, He created the darkness as well, yet all was good, for there was balance. Prime set His hands to the surface of the world and began to work, shaping the land, raising the mountains, and lowering the dry seabeds. He gouged the canyons and carved the rivers, boring their cavernous tunnels beneath the land. His touch brought a life to the cold stone as He created the living Earth we walk this day. Prime then created water, and with it filled all the low places. Prime saw that the world was cold, and so He reached into the core of it and created fire, bringing the first warmth to the world. Then Prime saw that the world was naked, and so He created the air, and wrapped the fledgling planet in a blanket of clouds.

    Prime gazed upon the surface and His creations pleased Him, yet He was not truly satisfied. He took a piece of each element, mixing them together. Then He split the mix in two and reaching up, plucked a sliver each from sun and moon, making from them two hearts. From the sunheart Prime created life, to bring more yet more beauty to his creations. From the moonheart Prime created death, to balance life. Prime blanketed the surface with plants, and added to these the animals and humanoids. With the new life came death and the undead in all their many forms, for Prime decreed that all living things must die. And it was good, for the two were balanced.

    As Prime created, His imagination began to grow. He desired for the world to grow and change that it might bring forth new beauty, and so He created magic, giving it to the humanoids. He created the positive energy plane and the negative energy plane, and the elemental planes, setting them in orbit around the world. He created the astral and ethereal planes. Then he began to create things far stranger than that which came before, more divorced from the reality He had begun. He created the outer planes, one after another, shaping them with His will. He created the far realm, creating Chaos in its purest form, and Mechanus, the realm of unbending order. He created the angels, forged the demons, and sculpted the devils.

    With His otherworldly labors done, Prime returned to the first world once more. He created strange and glorious things. He created giants, fey, vermin, abberations, all the beings, simply to satisfy his desire to make. But all was not well within Prime. Prime’s creativity began o branch, each half of Him taking a different route. Part wished to make His creations stronger, more durable, able to resist any attack, while the other half wanted to design more ferocious creations, beings of great and terrible strength. He strove for balance in these things, but the two ideas could not cooperate. The final attempt to satisfy these urges was the creation of the tarrasque, a being both of great strength and impenetrable defenses. But neither was satisfied, for the purity they sought was lacking.

    The Rending

    And then that idiot shoved me out. As if He could ever have created anything without me showing Him how it was done. He was so busy trying to make Portuguese Mano'war big and intimidating that He forgot that people get out of the water when they see some great hulking thing swimming at them. Lightning probably kills more people than that bloody jellyfish. Especially when someone annoys Talos.
    Once I was gone, though, Krav wasted very little time perfecting His 'pure' creatures of destruction. So pure, in fact, that half of them could barely breathe. There's nothing quite like the Square/Cube Law for punishing hubris. He did get there eventually, and when He did He set His creatures to hunting all of mine. My unicorns used to be so pretty. Until Krav's Beholder cast its eyes on them. It turned out the beauty is blasted by the eye of the Beholder. The eyes are a bit too small for Her to sit in.
    Well, there could only be one response to that. I struck back. Anytime one of His creature went after one of mine, they got one hell of a surprise. And a goddess should what an hell of a surprise looks like. The look on Krav's face when His precious shark bit the first of my puffer-fish was wonderful. Hidden poison'll get you every time. I don't think I've ever done better than the skunk, though. There's not a creature alive that needs a second lesson from that "helpless little piece of prey".
    I think it was after the skunk hit His dire half-dragon that Krav decided to get nasty. He'd worked really hard on that, after all, and my little skunk made it a laughing stock. That was when, in a greater fit of idiocy than usual, Krav started work on His 'Champion'. Some great, ostentatious firebird (as if that hasn't been done before) that destroys everything it sees. I couldn't be having that. The nymphs were to pretty to die. They were just to god(dess) damn pretty. So I made a Champion of my own.
    Krav had been so proud about the size of his firebird. He'd finally figured out that if you use the elements and make it ultimately a creature of magic you can bypass the Square/Cube Law. It'd taken Him decades of work to get that right. I just let mine swim. That way it could be even bigger and still not have issues. Sure, it has a titanium spleen, but that's only for when it goes on land to put a stop to Krav's latest piece of foolishness. And the fins. I'd been working on Blue Whales (too big to attack), and I just reused the basic idea. It needed more fins to go on land, though, so I gave it eight. It's skin was pretty solid to begin with, and a little bit of manipulation had it stripping out useful elements from its food and using them to make itself tougher. Nothing was going to pierce that hide.
    The end result of the battle was three islands ravaged and another one sunk before the sea. But that was alright. Krav and his Champion were so fixated on mine that they didn't see me evacuating all the islands before his firebird got there.


    Silence was all that remained after the creature had passed. Silence, and the furrow. Fifty feet across, the furrow stretched forever, with great gouges in the otherwise smooth earth wherever the eight enormous fins had sliced through the ground, driving the tusked monstrosity forwards. Even the wind it made had been monstrous, throwing bystanders hundreds of feet away, smashing them through any obstacles they encountered. Simon remembered the sound it made, and the terror he had felt, as the two hundred foot long creatured had charged past him. He remembered the whipping of the wind made by the fifteen foot fin passing over his head. And he remembered that before the creature had come, a small mountain had stood where the furrow now lay.

    The Champion of Turtia is an enormous whale-like behemoth, equally comfortable on land or sea. Its massive length is matched only by its girth, with its body more than twenty feet across, and fins that are nearly as long again spaced along its flanks, four to a side. Its gargantuan tail sways in the wind as it moves across the land, ready to strike at any emerging threat, or powers it through the water, where the Champion of Turtia's body becomes the weapon instead.

    Colossal Magical Beast (Prey)

    Hit Dice: 50d10 + 1165 (1440)
    Initiative: +4
    Speed: 200 feet (40 squares), 250 feet (50 squares) for swim.
    Armor Class: 66 (+60 Natural Armour), -4 Touch, 42 Flat-footed.
    Base Attack/Grapple: +50/+84
    Attack: Slam, +60 mêlée (4d6+18)
    Full Attack: Slam, +60 mêlée (4d6+27)
    Space/Reach: 50ft wide by 200ft long by 40ft high, Reach is special (see Towering Colossus below)
    Special Attacks: Impaling Tusks, Wind of Its Passage, Swallow Whole, Terrible Visage
    Special Qualities: Damage Reduction 40/Adamantine, Epic; Spell Resistance 35; Fire Resistance 40; Cold, Lightning, Sonic, and Acid Resistance 20; Insurmountable Inertia; Regeneration 50; Towering Colossus; Water Breathing, Low-Light Vision, Darkvision (500ft)
    Saves: Fort: 49, Reflex: 17, Will: 32
    Abilities Str 46 (+18), Dex 18 (+4), Con 54 (+22), Int 10 (+0), Wis 20 (+5), Cha 14 (+2)
    Skills: Listen +58, Swim +71
    Feats: Awesome Blow, Defensive Strike, Die Hard, Endurance, Iron Will, Power Attack, Improved Bull Rush, Improved Grapple, Improved Swimming*, Improved Toughness, Remain Conscious, Toughness (x5), True Believer (Turtia).
    Environment: Warm oceans.
    Organization: Solo
    Challenge Rating: 20
    Treasure: None
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Advancement: -
    Level Adjustment:

    Special Abilities

    Earth-shaking Terror (Ex)

    Owing to its incredible size and overt speed, the Champion of Turtia has a frightening aura that causes Panic in creatures with less than 25HD and makes creatures with 25HD-49HD Shaken and Frightened (Wisdom based Will Save, DC 37, + 5 for every size category smaller than the Champion of Turtia, negates).

    Impaling Tusks (Ex)

    Should the Champion of Turtia succeed in a grapple check against a target of Gargantuan size or larger, then, in its next turn, it may attempt to impale the grappled target on its tusks (+60 mêlée, 3d12+18). If successful, the Champion of Turtia may attempt to sunder one of the target’s limbs as per the Sunder feat (treat as targeting an object that the target is wearing with the AC of the limb equal to the flat-footed AC of the target). It may make this attempt as a free action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity. Should a target lose a limb, it loses the use of that limb and an abilities dependent upon it (such as fly if the target would no longer have sufficient wings to resume flying. Whether an ability is dependent upon the limb may be stated in the ability’s description, or if not it is at the discretion of the Dungeon Master). Any target that loses a limb is also bleeding heavily, causing it to take 20 damage and 1 Constitution damage at the start of each of the target’s turns. If the target has regeneration or fast healing then the bleeding stops the first time that ability activates, and the Constitution damage is restored 1d3 turns after that.

    Insurmountable Inertia (Ex)

    A creature as large as the Champion of Turtia cannot easily stop or change direction. It is so large that, if it wishes to stop, it must spend a full round action to do so, and even then continues to slide past the point at which it began to stop over the subsequent turns. It slows to nine tenths movement speed the first turn (four fifths in water), eight tenths in the second (three fifths in water), seven tenths in the third (two fifths in water), and so on until it comes to a complete stop (ditto). This gradual slide to a halt also applies if the Champion of Turtia should be killed. Once stopped, the Champion of Turtia cannot easily start moving again. In the first turn of movement it may only move at one tenth of its speed (one fifth in water), accelerating to 2 tenths on its second turn (2 fifths in water), 3 tenths on its third (3 fifths in water), and so on until it reaches its maximum speed. The Champion of Turtia cannot run or sprint.
    In addition to this, turning requires a large turn circle. The tightest turn the Champion of Turtia can make is a circle with a radius of 50 feet. This is also true for turns less than a full revolution, with the Champion of Turtia having to go at least as far forwards as it does sideways, and needing 20 squares (10 forwards and 10 sideways) in order to turn 90 degrees.
    The advantage of this massive inertia is that it is even harder for anyone else to stop the Champion of Turtia. The Champion of Turtia moves as if under the effects of Freedom of Movement (as an Extraordinary Ability). A creature of sufficient size (Huge or larger) may attempt a strength check to begin slowing the Champion of Turtia. This is an opposed check. Any creature of Gargantuan or smaller size that attempts and fails this strength check is crushed beneath the massive body of the Champion of Turtia, taking 30d6 bludgeoning damage + 5d6 bludgeoning damage for every size category smaller than Champion of Turtia. Any creature of Colossal size that attempts and fails this strength check is affected by Wind of Its Passage and automatically fails all associated checks. If the check is successful, then the Champion of Turtia begins to slow as if it had chosen to stop. Successive checks must be made in all subsequent turns to continue the slowing process. Also, any obstacle less than the size of the Champion of Turtia is ignored by it as the Champion of Turtia simply bull-dozers its way through. It may make a Bull Rush check to attempt to push aside larger obstacles (DC equal to the number of times larger than the Champion of Turtia the obstacle is, multiplied by 15). If it is unsuccessful in completely removing the obstacle, then both the Champion of Turtia and the obstacle take 200 damage (hardness does not apply) as the Champion of Turtia comes to a very sudden stop.

    Regeneration 50 (Ex)

    The Champion of Turtia regenerates 50 health per turn. This regeneration cannot be halted by any means. The Champion of Turtia has suffered enough injuries from both those types over the millennia that they no longer impede it. The Champion of Turtia may regenerate severed limbs, tail, and tusks in 1d4 rounds, or instantly reattach them by placing the severed body part at the site of amputation. Reducing the Champion of Turtia to -10 Hit Points will, however, render it unconsious for 1d4 centuries. It will remain in place with every appearance of having died (save the lacking of rotting, etc.) until it must next fight its endless war against the Champion of Krav.

    Swallow Whole (Ex)

    Should the Champion of Turtia succeed in a grapple check against a target of Huge size or smaller, then it may swallow the target whole on its next turn. The only way to avoid this is by escaping the grapple through a successful escape artist check, successful grapple check, or similar method. Swallow Whole (Ex): A Champion of Turtia can try to swallow a grappled Huge or smaller opponent by making a successful grapple check.
    A swallowed creature takes 4d6 points of bludgeoning damage and 4d6 points of acid damage per round from the Champion of Turtia's gizzard. A swallowed creature can cut its way out by using a light slashing or piercing weapon to deal 75 points of damage to the gizzard (AC 30). Once the creature exits, regeneration and muscular action closes the hole; another swallowed opponent must cut its own way out. The Champion of Turtia's gizzard can hold 20 Medium sized enemies. Casting spells requires a concentration check with DC equal to the damage taken at the start of that turn. Any damage dealt to the Champion's gizzard regenerates at the same rate as any other wound. Once the target has cut its way out of the Champion of Turtia, the hole immediately closes over and regenerates (regeneration of damage waits until the start of the Champion of Turtia’s next turn – the hole closes over but the innards must wait to repair themselves).

    Towering Colossus (Ex)

    The Champion of Turtia is enormous, beyond the size even of other Colossal creatures. As part of this, it takes up a space 30 feet wide by 200 feet long by 40 feet high.
    Also, the Champion of Turtia’s reach is unusual. Unless it succeeds in a grapple check, the Champion of Turtia may only attack by slamming an opponent, be it with fin, tail, or body. It may only make one slam attack per turn. These slam attacks can be made at any target within 100 feet (half its length) of the Champion of Turtia’s mid-point. If a slam attack hits a flier who is in the air at the time, then the flier is driven towards the ground a number of feet equal to the damage dealt (counts as occupying whichever square the flier ends up in). If the Champion of Turtia is swimming and hits a target who is also swimming, then the target is again moved a number of feet equal to the damage dealt (counts as occupying whichever square the target ends up in) in a direction of the Champion of Turtia’s choice. This does not stack with the Champion of Turtia’s Awesome Blow.

    Water Breathing (Ex)

    The Champion of Turtia can breathe underwater as easily as it can on land. It is not affected by being submersed in water (save for changes explicitly noted elsewhere) and functions as if it were a purely aquatic creature.

    Wind of Its Passage (Ex)

    Owing to its enormous size and the high speed with which it travels, the Champion of Turtia creates an enormous vortex around it as it travels. Provided that the Champion of Turtia moves at least 100 feet during its turn, any creature within 100 feet of the Champion of Turtia during the move take 10d6 sonic damage (Large and smaller creatures get no save, Huge and larger creatures get a Strength based Fortitude DC 57 for half damage). All creatures that take damage from this are thrown back 5 feet for every 5 damage taken and knocked prone (Colossal creatures are not thrown backwards on a successful Fortitude save). Creatures that cannot fly or are thrown against objects take 1d6 points of damage for every 10 feet they are thrown.

    Any target knocked prone by an Overrun attack is instantly and automatically affected by Wind of Its Passage, and fails all associated checks.

    This extraordinary wind also makes hitting the target from range very difficult. A 50% miss chance applies to all ranged attacks that roll to hit.

    This ability is active both on land and while swimming, as the wake of the Champion of Turtia has the same effect as the wind made as it moves across the land.

    *Improved Swimming - this feat's effect is not included in swim speeds listed above. Also, the stopping distance for swimming does not double to match the Champion of Turtia's increased speed. The drag is sufficient to slow it to its ordinary speed once the Champion of Turtia ceases to swim at the increased speed.
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