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    Meinungenterich(Mind Drake) Prey/Predator to Herzenterich

    The Herzenterich and Meinungenterich in the midst of battle

    Gargantuan Dragon (Psionic, Water)
    Hit Dice: 37d12+444 (684 hp)
    Initiative: +2
    Speed: 20 ft. (4 squares), Swim 100 ft.
    Armor Class: 86 (+30 Natural, +13 Insight, +13 shield, +22 Armor, +2 Dexterity, -4 Size), 34 touch, 68 flat-footed.
    Base Attack/Grapple: +37/+61
    Attack: Bite +47 melee (3d8+12) or Tail Slap +47 (4d6+12)
    Full Attack: Bite +47 (3d8+12) and 2 Claws +42 (2d6+8) or Tail Slap +47 (3d8+12) and 2 Claws +42 (2d6+8).
    Space/Reach: 20 ft./15 ft (20 ft. with bite and tail slap)
    Special Attacks: Breath Weapon, Psi-like Abilities, Spell-like Abilities, Powers, Psionic Reorientation, Spiked Carapace.
    Special Qualities: Darkvision 60 feet, Low-light vision, Intellect Fortress, Power Resistance 52, Damage Reduction 15/Epic and 5/-, Twin Psyche, Water Breathing, Immunity to Cold, Acid, Sleep and paralysis, Mental Presence, Telepathy.
    Saves: Fort +43, Ref +35, Will +37
    Abilities: Str 35 (+12), Dex 14, Con 33 (+11), Int 35 (+12), Wis 28 (+9), Cha 29 (+9)
    Skills: Appraise +52, Autohypnosis +49, Climb +52, Concentration +51, Diplomacy +49, Escape Artist +42 Heal +49, Jump +52, Knowledge (Arcane) +52, Knowledge (Nature) +52, Knowledge (Psionic) +52, Knowledge (The Planes) +52, Listen +49, Psicraft +52, Search +52, Sense Motive +49, Spot +49, Survival +49, Swim +60.
    Feats: Power Attack, Improved Bull Rush, Awesome Blow, Psionic Mastery, Extend Power, Expanded Knowledge (Astral Construct), Psionic Meditation, Improved Toughness, Twin Power, Explosive Power, Boost Construct, Quicken Power, Narrow Mind.
    Environment: Any aquatic.
    Organization: Solitary or couple (one Meinungenterich and one Seelenterich).
    Challenge Rating: 37
    Treasure: Triple Standard
    Alignment: Usually Lawful Neutral
    Advancement: 38-55 (Gargantuan) 56-74 (Colossal)
    Level Adjustment: -

    Meinungenteriche are one of the two variants of the males of a tremendously powerful species of psionic dragons, Herzenteriche being the other. These two creatures are vicious enemies prone to sharing territorial borders with its vicious counterparts due to the preferences in territory of the females of the species, the Seelenteriche. Meinungenteriche are patient, calculating and reactive creatures, never willing to be caught unprepared.

    A Meinungenterich is a sinuous leviathan covered in blue scales, with glimmering crystal spines adorning his back, neck, head and tail. Their arms resemble clawed fins and their muscular tails end in a flat, webbed fin. Meinungenteriche are sporadic hunters, doing so mainly to feed a female, young or for leisure, sustaining itself on psionic power otherwise.

    Meinungenteriche speak Draconic, but communicate through telepathy more often than not.


    A Meinungenterich begin combat by separating his opponents with telekinetic thrusts, Explosive Ultrablasts, Walls of Force and any other means at his disposal, then slowing down the largest group of enemies while summoning an allied Astral Construct to handle the rest. He prefers to keep his enemies where they pose the least threat and bring them down with powers, avoiding being forced to use its relatively weak physical attacks.

    Breath Weapon (Su): A Meinungenterich’s breath weapon deals 20d8 points of cold damage in a 60 feet cone, this cold is imbued with psionic power that allows it to pierce all resistances and deal half damage even to immune creatures. The psionic power suffusing the cold also causes it to cling to any creatures caught in the effect, slowing them as the spell for 5 rounds. A successful reflex save (DC 39) halves the damage and prevents the slow effect. The Meinungenterich must wait for 1d4 rounds after using its breath weapon before it can use it again. The save DC is based on constitution.

    Intellect Fortress (Pl): A Meinungenterich is constantly surrounded by an effect identical to the Intellect Fortress power. If this effect is dispelled the Meinungenterich can renew it on his turn as a free action. This ability has an effective manifester level of 37.

    Twin psyche (Pl): Meinungenteriche are keenly cognizant creatures, capable of keeping two trains of thought simultaneously, and even using their mental abilities even while focused in another task. This ability works identically to the Schism power, except the Meinungenterich suffers no manifester level penalty for his schismed mind. Meinungenteriche secondary psyches are incredibly stubborn and resist any attempt to suppress them, making new will saves against any such effects every round they are active. This ability has an effective manifester level of 37.

    Water Breathing (Ex): A Meinungenterich can breathe underwater indefinitely and can freely use its breath weapon, powers, and other abilities while submerged.

    Telepathy (Su): Meinungenteriche can speak telepathically with any creature that has a language.

    Presence of Mind (Su): As a free action, the Meinungenterich can create a psychic field with a radius of 150 feet, centered on his position at the time of the activation of the ability. While within this field the Meinungenterich can activate any of his Psi-like abilities as a free action. Furthermore, as an immediate action, the Meinungenterich can teleport himself to any position inside the field, this aspect of the ability can be used no more than once every five rounds. The presence of mind field lasts until the Meinungenterich creates a new field or leaves the borders of the current one.

    Psi-like Abilities: Manifester Level 37th. At will – Defensive Precognition, Offensive Precognition, Inertial Armor, Force Screen, Inertial Barrier.
    *The benefits of these powers are already accounted for in the statistics.

    Spell-like Abilities: Caster Level 37th. At will – Wall of Force, Mirage Arcana. 3/day – Time Stop.

    Spiked Carapace (Ex/Su): The hard shell of a Meinungenterich is covered in hardened crystal spines that resonate with psionic power. Whenever a creature strikes the Meinungenterich with a melee attack the wyrm thrashes and strikes the offender with these thorns, dealing 3d6+12 points of slashing damage. Further, if the attacker is a psionic creature, the spines resonate with that power pulling it violently out of the attacker’s mind; this drains up to 5 power points from the victim and deals an equal amount of extra damage.
    This ability is extraordinaire when affecting normal creatures and supernatural when affecting psionic creatures.

    Psionic Reorientation (Su): The resonating crystal spines on the Meinungenterich’s back have a second function, whenever a creature fails to pierce his power resistance with a psionic power, the Meinungenterich absorbs the energy of the power, gaining a number of power points equal to the unaugmented cost to manifest the negated power.

    Manifesting: A Meinungenterich manifests powers as a 37th level Seer.

    Typical Powers Known (Power Points: 565; Save DC: 22+power level):
    1st – Attraction, Call to Mind, Catfall, Energy Ray, Far Hand, Astral Construct;
    2nd – Detect Hostile Intent, Inflict Pain, Clairvoyant Sense, Sustenance;
    3rd – Telekinetic Force, Telekinetic Thrust, Fate Link, Forced Share Pain, Psionic Blast;
    4th – Trace Teleport, Anchored Navigation, Psionic Freedom of Movement;
    5th – Second Chance, Psionic Major Creation, Adapt Body, Catapsi;
    6th – Greater Precognition, Temporal Acceleration, Psionic Overland Flight;
    7th – Fate of One, Ultrablast, Personal Mind Blank;
    8th – Hypercognition, True Metabolism, Matter Manipulation;
    9th – Reality Revision, Timeless Body, Metafaculty.

    Skills: Meinungenteriche gain a +8 racial bonus on any Swim check to perform some special action or avoid a hazard. It can always choose to take 10 on a Swim check, even if distracted or endangered.
    It can use the run action while swimming, provided it swims in a straight line.

    Sidebar: Explosive Power
    Explosive Power is the Metapsionic counterpart to the metamagic feat Explosive Spell (Complete Arcane, pg. 79). Its effects on the power in question are the same as those of the metamagic feat on a spell and it has the same basic prerequisites on a power as its spell counterpart.

    Explosive Power increases the power point cost of the altered power by 2.
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