Shy'anni Sinkyet

Alias: Shy'anni
Gender: Female
Race/Species: Sinsyi, an underground race.
Age: 22
Class/Profession: Brawler/Miner.

Description: Her skin is an aquamarine colour, and is soft and smooth. Her eyes are a golden colour, and she has long dark brown hair. As all the Sinsyi, she has strange, thin prehensile tentacle-like appendages just under her ears.

Equipment: Glow-crystal mining equipment. Glow crystal is one of the hardest substances in the underground, and as such her hard-hat helmet can take many blows before cracking, at least as many as a decent suit of armour, despite being notably lighter. Her drill-arm, due to similar toughness, will find it to be no hard task to mine most other materials. Her boots are weighted at the bottoms, however, and cause her to stomp around, but keep her firmly planted on her feet during underground tremors.
Abilities: Without her equipment aiding her defense and strength, Shy'anni is little more than a brawler, however good she might be at the art of fight fighting and improvised weapons. This is mostly due to her love of going to the pub after work and getting drunk.
Backstory: Shy'anni is a proud member of the Undercity Miners Guild. Aside from her notable success in the mining field, there was little to say about her before this moment in her life. She was raised by her father, a man very much alike to her in personality, and learnt the joy of a good melee. However, she is still efficient at her work, and managed to become a worthy addition to the Miners Guild through her perseverance. Like all miners, she became fairly popular with the common man, due to her habit of visiting the pubs on her days off - and that's pretty much where we found her before her first in-character appearance.