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    Charles Gray

    Alias: Charlie?
    Gender: Male
    Age: 53
    Race/Species: Human
    Alignment: CG
    Class/Profession: Barfighting is what Charles does, but he doesn't get payed for it. He earns a living, if you can call it that, busking with a harmonica. If he can't find enough to eat, he might rummage through garbage bins to see what he can find.
    Power Level: C
    Description: Charles is a tall Caucasian man, with a thin frame. His face is similar to his body, long and thin. He has messy brown hair, and greying stubble. His brown eyes reflect dark personality. He wears a long (down to his knees), brown, dirty trenchcoat, over an old grey shirt, and dirty grey trousers. While he's outside he wears a brown fedora.
    Personality: Charles is a whole number of things. He's hardy and tough. He's also easily angered. Empathy and showing his emotions aren't strong points for Charles; he's usually very stoic. He tries to be a good person, but his cynicism and apathy lets him down. Charles will rarely pass up on a free be, especially if it's food. He's often hungry and almost always poor.
    Equipment: An old service revolver with an old leather flap holster worn around his waist, a harmonica and 18 rounds of ammunition. Despite the service revolver being quite old, it still is quite accurate with good stopping power.
    Abilities: Charles is ridiculously tough. His bones are unusually hard and strong, making them almost impossible to break. Because of this, he can withstand punishment that would kill others. He's strong and fast, making him a formidable opponent in the melee. He's also a skilled unarmed fighter and a good shot with his revolver, but he doesn't use it very much.
    Backstory: Charles is an old soldier, a veteran of many battles. Unfortunately, when they ended, he had trouble adjusting to normal life. Then one day, he awoke in the Nexus.
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