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    Patrick Gerard

    Alias: Patches, now.
    Gender: Male
    Age: 27
    Race/Species: Human
    Alignment: TN
    Class/Profession: Was an ordinary guy. Now he's getting into the detective business.
    Power Level: D to D+. He's smart, decently strong, and he knows where to hit. Being pretty much desensitized to pain doesn't hurt, but at the end of the day, he's a normal guy.
    Description: Patches wears his hair short and parted on the left, not that it's the first thing you notice, but he wishes it were; the first thing you notice is that his body is more covered with scars than just about any other in Inside, just about every inch of it. His mouth is crooked, one ear is stitched to his head, one nostril is higher; his knuckles don't start in the same place they used to, he has seams like a stuffed animal. Honestly, most of his old friends would mistake him for a flesh golem or a zombie before they'd realize he was Patrick.
    Personality: Patches might have used to be a lot of things, but he was a nameless NPC then, and this is now; Patches is rather glum and grim, having been made through some sort of callous, quasi-calculated plan into a monster. His girlfriend left, his friends are more awkward silences and horrified stares of pity than support. Customers still come by his old shop, but, well, he understands if they leave their kids outside, because, you know. . . bad dreams and all. He knows a lot about bad dreams.
    Equipment:A blacksmith's hammer, a coat with a collar high enough to hide his face, and some fuzzy memories. Oh, and a lot of money.
    Abilities: Determination, and that's about it.
    Backstory: Patches was a normal NPC, a blacksmith or something like it by the look of things, before an unfortunate interlocution outside a bar, in which someone asked to borrow his "monkey suit." There were a few minutes of pain between that and someone was sewing his skin back on, leaving more gold than he thought he'd see in a lifetime as "tip."
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