Alias: Mr. Filth.

Gender: Male.

Race/Species: Used to be human. He's a vampire these days, thanks to a certain rotter.

Age: Looks to be in his early-mid thirties.

Alignment: He can be a real bastard, and is a minion of a mad wizard, but is altogether not evil of his own accord. Probably a mean sort of chaotic neutral.

Class/Profession: Minion. Decent brawler, carries a gun. Make of it what you will.

Power Rating: Used to be a D/D+. With vamp powers, he's probably a C or something now. Not that he's very used to em.

Description: A reedy, wiry sort of fellow. An exceptionally long face and cheekbones, with a prominent chin. Dark, typically slicked hair. Average height. Has a nice bowler hat that he wears on occasion. Also typically carries an umbrella now, given his vampiric nature.

Personality: Decently bright, though a bit brunt and brutish in his mannerisms. He isn't good at holding grudges or killing people, despite the fact that his boss asks him to on occasion. Likes drinking. Hates that he's a vampire. Hates Jack. Hates practically everyone until they do something nice for him. Well, not exactly, but he certainly isn't a people person very often.

Equipment: Clothes. A magic item or two. A mind-shattering handgun called Ballista. Maybe a little flask for whatever he fancies at the time.

Abilities: Vampire. Decently skilled gunman and boxer. That's about it.

Backstory: Jack messed with his mind and tricked him into killing a friend of his. Then offered to get rid of the body in exchange for servitude.