The Neon Knight

"Okay, who thought it would be a good idea to base programs for powered combat armor off of pinball machine software?"

Alias: The Knight, Daniel North
Gender: Male
Race/Species: Human
Age: Mid 20's
Alignment: Lawful Good
Class/Profession: Knight Errant, Hero
Power Rating: C- to B+
Description: Underneath the armor, the Knight is a fit, handsome young man, a charming twenty something fellow with close cut brown hair, blue eyes, and a white winning smile. The armor itself is black and dark gray, resembling conventional plate mail in the gothic style. Etched into the armor are glowing symbols and designs that emit neon light.

Personality: The Neon Knight is brave, courteous, and in every respect the perfect chivalrous gentleman and knight. Of course, being a perfect gentleman doesn't make you perfect. With a tendency to be rash, combined with a tendency to try to be as self-reliant as possible, he can end up in a lot of trouble with no one to help him out. Also, he can be a bit insensitive to someone who doesn't understand or appreciate his beliefs and point of view. He believes he should be wandering the world righting wrongs, which sometimes means poking into other people's private business.
Equipment: His only equipment is his suit of special armor, granted to him by the spirits of the Elemental Court of Air. The armor's functions will be covered in the abilities section. The armor is made from meteoric iron, smelted by being struck by lightning and cooled by being immersed in snow form the highest mountains, after being imbued with all of the elemental known as the noble gases, most important being an infusion of solar neon.

Swordsman's Honors - The Neon Knight is an accomplished swordsman. The Knight's style is based around fighting in armor, and employs a knightly long sword, also called an arming sword. It is a flexible and balanced style, favoring neither speed nor power above the other. Although trained in the use of shields, the Knight typically fights with only his sword. The Neon Knight graduated from his sword training at the top of his class, and is proud of his status.

Gift of Air Control - The only ability the Neon Knight has outside of his armor is a minor affinity and control over air and associated elements, like water (rain), snow, lightning, and wind. This control isn't very well developed yet, but in theory could become stronger. The Knight prefers to rely on his armor.

Built to Resist - The Neon Knight's armor is a powerful defensive tool, capable of turning blade and bullet aside with equal ease. It takes great strength of weapons of good power to breach his armor. In addition, the armor can be sealed against hostile environments, has a minor life support system, and has a layer of defenses against magical attacks as well. Most of these defenses draw from the suit's power, however, and if the Knight becomes overextended some of these systems may lose effectiveness or functionality.

Swiss Army Suit - The Knight's armor also has a couple of miscellaneous utility functions common to military and survivalist gear, as well as energy manipulation capabilities, minor sensor suites, and other useful subsystems.

Neon Glow - The Knight's armor emits a neon glow constantly, emitting from the glowing lines and designs etched into the suit. It provides a constant low illumination light source, with all the benefits and drawbacks that come from that. In addition, this glow or aura of neon light might activate electric gas-discharge technology. Currently, there isn't any in the Nexus, really, but who knows, maybe my hokey silly ideas might become popular some day. =P

ROY G. BIV or Seven Ways to Kick Evil's Ass -The color of the Neon Knight's armor can vary and change, as different noble gases and different mixtures of the noble gases can be used to achieve different colors when used in neon lightning. The color of the armor actually determines some of its abilities, each different color being a different mode, spanning the visible spectrum.

The forms available are detailed below:


Red: The first color. The Red mode is the fastest of the armor colors, but also the weakest. The armor becomes lighter, easier to move in, and adds to the Knight's speed. This mode produces very little energy for the general power, strength, or defensive subsystems, however. Red is the default color of the armor, and the one always available to the Knight. The basic speed form.

Each asterisk represents a 20% increase from ordinary operating capacity.

General Power Reserves - **
Strength Augmentation - *
Speed Augmentation - *****
Defensive Systems - **
Special - N/A.

Orange: The armor's second color is also its primary combat form. With more energy available for strength and defenses, the Orange form is safer to fight in, and more powerful, while still being very, very mobile.

General Power Reserves - **
Strength Augmentation - **
Speed Augmentation - ***
Defensive Systems - ***
Special - ?

Yellow: The Yellow form is inherently more powerful than either the Red or Orange forms, simply generating more energy for use by the armor. The Yellow form is an advanced combat form, basically an upgraded Orange form. The Yellow form also features a method of flight; yellow wings made of light can be generated by the armor, allowing the Knight to fight in the sky. However, the Yellow form is more fragile than the Orange form.

General Power Reserves - ***
Strength Augmentation - ***
Speed Augmentation - ***
Defensive Systems - **
Special - Wings of Icarus. Yellow Energy Wings provide flight.

Green: The Green form is a balanced form, providing a great general energy reserve and balanced characteristics all around, aside from a slight drop in speed. The Green form is a good general purpose form, and the form with the greatest use of utility powers.

General Power Reserves - ****
Strength Augmentation - ***
Speed Augmentation - **
Defensive Systems - ***
Special - ?

Blue: The Blue form is an imperfect advanced combat form, favoring strength augmentation. Unfortunately, the power cost of strength is more costly than other augmentations, and the Blue form suffers from decreased performance across the board. The Blue form is only really useful for projections of raw strength, and the color needs perfection before it becomes a viable combat form.

General Power Reserves - *
Strength Augmentation - *****
Speed Augmentation - **
Defensive Systems - **
Special - ?

Indigo: The Indigo form is armor powerful and advanced Blue form, at least in theory. In execution, the Indigo form is what the Blue form should be: a strength favoring form still close to the general formula of the Green form, albeit with a further speed cost. The Indigo form actually favors defense over strength, and is one of the toughest forms available.

General Power Reserves - ***
Strength Augmentation - ****
Speed Augmentation - *
Defensive Systems - ****
Special - ?

Violet: Power incarnate, the Violet form turns the Knight into a treading behemoth. Very slow (a 20% speed augmentation is required to allow the Knight to move normally), the Violet form makes up for this with great resilience and power.

General Power Reserves - **
Strength Augmentation - *****
Speed Augmentation -
Defensive Systems - *****
Special - ?

Solar Edge - The Neon Knight's blade is a function of his armor, generated by transfusing solar neon in an unknown process into a blade of pure energy. The blade is mysteriously solid, and in general functions as one would assume a fictional energy sword would. The sword also receives additional energy reserves when energy is allocated to the strength function of the armor, increasing the blade's power; this is why that particular augmentation is so costly. The sword's color matches that of the armors.

CURRENT FORMS AVAILABLE: Since the armor is currently damaged, only Red is reliably available.

Backstory: A mysterious man who appeared basically out of nowhere, the Neon Knight is a questing hero who claims to have been empowered by the spirits of the Elemental Court of Air, in particular the Council of Noble Gasses, to champion and protect life across the multi-verse.
Miscellaneous: The Knight enjoys quests and challenges, always seeking to do right, win honor, and protect life. He also seeks to improve himself and his armor.


William John Henry

"Well, ma'am, as my paw always said, "Idle hands are the devil's playthings.""

Alias: N/A.
Gender: Male.
Race/Species: Human.
Age: 20.
Alignment: Neutral Good.
Class/Profession: Laborer.
Power Rating: E+
Description: A young country man with short, curly black hair. His features are angular but regular. His appearance is a bit unkempt and rough around the edges, but he isn't ugly. He typically wears durable but dirty work clothes. Boots, overalls, wool shirts and the like. His stuff is often work stained, worn, and a bit raggedy.
Personality: William Henry is simple and honest. Unambitious and unimaginative, William Henry is convinced that good decent labor is the secret to happiness and success. He believes that there is a dignity to manual labor not found in more thinking professions, and has utter disdain for roguish or dishonest professions.
Equipment: The tools of labor.

Honest Work - William Henry has great stamina and strength, allowing him to perform manual labor and feats of strength more readily than your average man.

Backstory: A country fellow who left the family cabin to seek his fortune working in the city.
Miscellaneous: Is totally not a plant for future communist/proletariat themed endeavors.



"My offspring are uniformly disappointing... except in serving as entrées."

Alias: The Cloaker
Gender: ???
Race/Species: Cloaker
Age: ???
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Class/Profession: Intelligent Predator, Monster, Ambassador
Power Rating: C- to C
Description: A cloaker is an intelligent, underground predator resembling a flying manta ray, with a pale underbelly and a black back. Facing the back, one might mistake the cloaker for a common black cloak, the white bone spurs resembling a clasp. One would not make such a mistake from the underside, which feature a wide razor toothed mouth and a set or red eyes. The long, spinal like whip tail ends in a sharp point, and is usually curled up underneath the cloaker when imitating a cloak.
Personality: Initially aloof and aristocratic, but also viscous, hungry, and mean spirited, but crafty and cunning. Usually casual and cruel, but can be incited to terrible fierceness.
Equipment: N/A.

Tooth and Nail - The cloaker's bone tail and teeth can rend prey and enemies quite easily. The bone spurs can also be used as lesser weapons.

On Black Wings - The cloaker can fly and glide on the Underwinds of the world below.

Feeding Moan - The sound of a cloaker's hunger can be terrifying to those that might fall underneath it. The cloaker can emit a subsonic moan, which has various mental, fear inspiring effects on those who hear it.

One with Shadows - The cloaker has a minor paranormal ability to affect shadows, being able to manipulate them to its advantage.

Backstory: The representative of Grumman Caverns, a commune of intelligent predators who have allied to better satisfy their all demanding hunger. Secretly, the Grumman Caverns predators hope to break up the great herds called "civilization" to ensure that prey species (i.e. anything not them) are easily taken. They disguise this base desire behind surprisingly complex and nuanced schemes. The representative to Undercity is always called Grumman, and every knew representative inherits this title when he gets the position.
Miscellaneous: Boy, the predator's union in Underside sure is militant.



"I is making joke, yes? Is fun good time for all!"

Alias: The Fat Man
Gender: Male
Race/Species: Odious Offense to Comedy
Age: As old as bad jokes themselves.
Alignment: Bad Joke.
Class/Profession: Unfunny Punchline (Occasionally Punching Bag)
Power Rating: RC (Rubber Chicken)
Description: A rather corpulent fool wearing a blue robe. Often accompanied by an ornery donkey.
Personality: Frantic, incompetent, idiotic, uncomprehending. Hammy wackiness overblown and gone too far.
Equipment: Blue robe, donkey.
Abilities: N/A.
Backstory: He came. He saw. He still isn't that funny.
Miscellaneous: You see, the joke is that he isn't that funny, but it's really funny that he tries so hard to be funny yet isn't funny! And he's also kind of racists against foreigners in general, possibly. I have no idea why I created this fellow or why I continue to post as him.


Sir Sugartongs, the Knightly Nutcracker

"Hail, good sir!"

Alias: The Nutcracker Knight
Gender: N/A.
Race/Species: Wooden Doll.
Age: Acts like an adult.
Alignment: Neutral Good.
Class/Profession: Knight, Nutcracker Doll.
Power Rating: D to D+
Description: This is a well carved wooden nutcracker doll, with painted on eyes, features, and armor. He seems to be made of some high quality wood, with movable joints made with metal. He sits atop a faithful steed of a teapot made of fine whit china, with a prancing black horse painted on the side. The teapot hovers on a plate made of matching china.
Personality: Knightly.

Armaments of the Royal Tea Table - A fork serves as the Knight's lance, and a breadknife as his blade. These are about as effective as their conventional, normal counterparts would be.


Knight of the Tea Table - The Knight is a skilled cavalryman, swordsman, and lancer. Aside from this fighting skill, he doesn't seem to have any particular powers of abilities.

Backstory: Arrived one day out of the blue. His past and history seem to be a mystery.
Miscellaneous: Doesn't like nuts.