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    Neon's Noble Character List
    And Other Assorted Efforts and Enterprises



    Tarin - A crazy tea drinking fey.

    Cierra - A young human woman following an ideal of altruism.

    Takara - A strange, shapeshifting woman searching for an island of reason and justice in a sea of turmoil and doubt.

    - A little catgirl on a quest for her adulthood.

    Alice - A little rabbit girl on a quest for courage, so she can save her mother.

    Grigori Vanek (Greg) - A mad mercenary survivalist, looking to get big without getting dead first.

    Jame Swede - The Leader of the Vulture Gang, a mysterious man in a continental suit.


    The Vulture Gang - Located on Red Bluff, just outside of AMEN, the Vultures are a pack of western themed black hats specializing in robbery, murder, kidnapping, and other villainous deeds.


    The Veldt - Tropes and cliches of Darkest Africa mixed with the supernatural. A grim, desperate savannah on the decline, stalked by the specters of drought. Also, occasionally Nazis.

    Other Stuff

    [What I'm Interested In Doing in FFRP]
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