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Thread: Switching casting stats (3.5)

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    There's a feat in the 3rd party 3.0 Bastards and Bloodlines that does this:

    You are descended from a group of spellcasters who had very different ways of mastering magic, and you follow in their tradition.
    Benefits: Choose one spellcasting class. You may change which ability score governs spellcasting with that class. That ability cannot be changed again.
    For example, Meishel Ellazen is a houri cleric. She takes the Lost Tradition feat and chooses to base her clerical spellcasting on Charisma instead of Wisdom. She now uses her Charisma score to determine her bonus spells, spell save DCs, maximum spell level she may cast, and any other calculation regarding her cleric spells.
    Special: You can take this feat only at 1st level.