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    Nayir Ghalikus

    Aliases: None

    Gender: Male.

    Race/Species: Glassheads. Might just be magical humans. Strange folk.

    Age: Young.

    Alignment: Lawful Evil, probably.

    Class/Profession: He calls himself a 'procurer'. Light-mage is probably the closest approximation.

    Power Rating: C or B at his best.

    Description: Humanoid. Average height. Spindly, black, essentially skeletal hands, dotted with motes and patterns of glowing white dust. The rest of his skin is probably like this too.

    His face, if once human, appears to have been replaced with a perfectly symmetrical dome of polished glass. The back of his head is still that odd, rough skin.

    Typically wears high-end gentleman's clothes with swirling symbols and patterns emblazoned upon them. All glowing white or a bright blue.

    Personality: Thoughtful. He seems to taste each word that he exchanges, a quiet and supremely satisfied way of speaking. As is so common in young people: confidence. Much confidence. He also seems quite introspective.

    Despite his alignment, he's one of those villains with standards. Most of the time.


    A cane tipped with a diamond orb. It just happens to be his Focus, the object used to control his spells.

    It works good for bludgeoning, too.

    Maybe something magical. His secondary Focus is what appears to be a glass dagger containing swirling motes of light.

    Maybe some restraints designed to hold beings of power. It's his business to procure things, and those things sometimes include people.

    Abilities: He routinely uses light to destroy people. His basic attack spell blasts away a person's flesh and bones and clothes, leaving a gaping, torn corpse that has been almost entirely solidified into some glowing material or polished glass. Very clean. Very disgusting, all the same. Sparkling, bulbous alien flowers almost immediately shoot up and starting their curling growth along the corpse.

    Other magic workings, too.

    Backstory: I don't feel like coming up with something really interesting. He's a professional criminal. I'll probably make the rest up as I go along.
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