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    Default [3.5e]Possible Monk Fix/Alternate Monk [PEACH]

    One of my players in my campaign who plays a monk brought this issue up, and after quite a bit of time thinking of a small buff, I eventually churned out this. Comments will be greatly appreciated.

    WARNING Wall of text imminent upon opening the Spoiler tag. Continue at your own risk, and possibly the risk of those sitting next to you. You have been warned!

    Medium BAB
    All Good Saves
    6+INT Skill Points
    d8 hit die

    Class Skills:
    The monk’s class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Balance (Dex), Climb (Str), Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Escape Artist (Dex), Hide (Dex), Jump (Str), Knowledge (arcana) (Int), Knowledge (religion) (Int), Listen (Wis), Move Silently (Dex), Perform (Cha), Profession (Wis), Sense Motive (Wis), Spot (Wis), Swim (Str), and Tumble (Dex).

    Table 1-1:

    {table]Level| |
    1|Bonus Feat|Flurry/Decisive Strike
    2|Bonus Feat|Evasion
    4|Ki Strike (Magic)
    5|Improved Flurry
    6|Bonus Feat
    7|Wholeness of Body
    9|Improved Evasion
    10|Ki Strike (Lawful)
    11|Greater Flurry
    16|Ki Strike (Adamantine)

    Table 1-2:
    {table]Level|Abilities| |
    3|Rokushiki Initiation Ceremony
    4|Soru (1/day)
    5|Great Leap (As Ninja from CA)
    6|Kami-e (2 AC)
    7|Soru (2/day)
    8|Tekkai (5/-)|Rankyaku (20 ft.)|Geppou (2 Jump Checks)
    9|Kami-e (4 AC)
    10|Soru (3/day)
    11|Shigan|Rankyaku (40 ft.)|Geppou (3 Jump Checks)
    12|Tekkai (10/-)|Kami-e (6 AC)
    13|Soru (4/day) (avoid AoO)
    14|Rankyaku (60 ft.)|Geppou (4 Jump Checks)
    15|Rokuougan|Kami-e (8 AC)
    16|Tekkai (15/-)|Rankyaku (80 ft.)|Soru (5/day) (Dash 1/day)
    17|Geppou (5 Jump Checks)
    18|Kami-e (10 AC)
    19|Rankyaku (100 ft.)|Soru (6/day) (Dash 2/day)
    20|Tekkai (20/-) (5 ft. move)|Geppou (6 Jump Checks)|Improved Rokushiki

    The monk gains an unarmored speed bonus, AC bonus, and unarmed damage as the old monk.

    Flurry/Decisive Strike: The monk can switch between flurrying and decisive striking. He cannot do both in a single round, no exceptions.

    Wholeness of Body: The monk heals himself for his Monk Level times his Wisdom modifier (minimum of twice his monk level healed). He can split up these points of healing however he wants, and cannot heal anyone else with them. He can only heal integer amounts of health.


    Through harsh, rigorous, almost inhuman training, the monk gains the ability to perform superhuman feats, known collectively as the Rokushiki (so called because there are six of them). These abilities are all Extraordinary abilities.

    Rokushiki Initiation Ceremony:
    The monk prepares himself for the harsh training ahead. During his meditations, he learns how to intuitively spot weaknesses in his enemy, allowing him to replace WIS for STR when determining damage.

    The monk learns to explosively channel energy into his legs, allowing him to move much faster than normal. He gains double movespeed for that round. In addition, at higher levels, the monk can avoid provoking AoO while using Soru (if he chooses). At even higher levels, the monk can use a use of Soru to initiate a Dash. He can initiate a Dash as an immediate action, where he can move up to ˝ his movespeed. This takes a use of Soru, and can only be done so many times per day as given on the chart. The monk can use this to dodge an attack targeting him, or even an AoE attack targeting his square.

    The monk learns to feel his opponents movements before they strike, allowing him to dodge them easier. When you fight defensively, or take the full defense action, your dodge bonus to AC improves by the value given on the chart. This feat counts as Combat Expertise for the purpose of qualifying for feats or prestige classes.

    Great Leap:
    At 5th level and higher, a monk always makes Jump checks as if he was running and had the Run feat, enabling him to make long jumps without a running start and granting a +4 bonus on the jump. This ability can be used only if he is wearing no armor and is carrying no more than a light load. (See Complete Adventurer, Ninja, Great Leap on page 8).

    The monk learns how to generate enough force to push himself off air particles. When he jumps, he can make up to 2 jump checks, adding the results for distance travelled or height reached. At later levels, the monk can use 1 of his additional jump checks to change direction by up to 90 degrees. The total distance jumped must not exceed your movement speed for that round. Affects and abilities that improve/degrade your movement speed apply (including Soru). If you end a round in mid-air but still have jump checks remaining, you make the rest of them on your next turn. If you end a round in the middle of a jump, you traverse the rest of that jump at the beginning of the next round. If you end a round at the end of a jump that used your last available jump check, you fall.

    The monk learns to kick with such force that he creates a razor sharp shockwave of air that cuts through opponents at range. He gains the ability to make unarmed strikes at range with his feet. These attacks start at a range of 20 ft, and follow the progression on the chart. These attacks do half normal damage, which is of the slashing type. You cannot trip, grapple, or sunder with these attacks, unless you have a feat that lets you do so with ranged weapons.

    The monk learns to make his body as hard as iron, taking decreased damage from all incoming attacks. While in this stance, the monk is immobilized, losing his bonuses to AC from his DEX and WIS, as well as all his Dodge bonuses, and anything else lost while flat-footed or immobilized (regardless of whether or not the character can be immune to flat-footedness or immobilization). He can take no actions other than to talk or breathe during this time. For every 20 DR from this ability, the monk can move up to 5 ft. in the same round. Initiating the Tekkai stance is a swift action at the beginning of his turn, and can be disabled with a swift action at the beginning of any turn afterwards during which he is still conscious. The tekkai can be broken by an enemy with an opposed STR check – the monk gets a bonus equal to the DR granted by this ability on this STR check. The tekkai stance is also broken whenever an enemy deals more than 4 times the DR granted by this ability in damage in one hit (before reducing the damage with Tekkai). You gain a bonus to Saves equal to 1 + 1/5th of Tekkai’s DR.

    The monk learns to focus his attacking power to a single point. As a standard action, he makes a single melee attack on his opponent with but a single finger, dealing +100% damage, and all damage dealt with this attack is piercing. The monk must have at least 1 hand free to use this ability. You cannot benefit from the cleave feat if you kill the target with Shigan.

    The quintessential move of the monk – the epitome of his training – this is the Rokuougan. Once per day, the monk is able to channel the full force of his being into a single overpowering attack. This takes a full-round action. This attack, if it hits, deals hit point damage as if the monk had successfully hit with a maximum damage critical strike (This attack cannot crit, but does deal damage to creatures normally immune to critical hits. No special effects that are normally activated by scoring a critical hit are activated with this ability. For example, if the monk has vorpal fists, he does not cut off the head of his target on a successful hit with this ability.). In addition, he makes an opposed STR check with his target. He gets a +10 bonus on this check. For every 5 by which he beats the target’s opposed roll, he pushes him back 5 ft. If he hits a wall, he takes 1d6 damage for every 10 ft. he would be pushed back beyond the wall. If this damage would be enough for him to break the wall, he takes just enough damage to break the wall, and continues. The monk is exhausted after a successful use of this ability, and is fatigued should he miss. This ability cannot be used if the monk is fatigued. The monk must have both hands free to use this ability. You cannot benefit from the cleave feat if you kill the target with Rokuougan.

    Improved Rokushiki

    The monk gains improved skill with one of the Rokushiki abilities, as stated below. The monk only gains one of these at 20th level, though it is said that certain very powerful monks have gained more.

    You gain two additional uses of Soru and Dash per day. Soru instead triples your movement speed for the round, and Dash uses your full movespeed. In addition, you do not expend a use of Soru when you use Dash, though you are still limited by the number of times per day you can use Dash.

    You gain a 10% miss chance when using Kami-e, and any enemy that attacks you provokes an attack of opportunity (limited to once per enemy per round). This miss chance stacks with all other sources of miss chance.

    You no longer need to use a jump check to change directions, you can move up to twice your movespeed in a round through jumps, can use Geppou to hover in place (hovering requires 1 jump check to maintain for the round, and you can end the round hovering).

    Your damage with Rankyaku is equal to your regular unarmed damage (though it is still slashing) and every attack affects everything in a cone of the range of your Rankyaku.

    You can now maintain Tekkai while moving and attacking. The DR from Tekkai is divided by 5, but you are no longer flat-footed or immobilized during Improved Tekkai. You cannot Run, but can deactivate the Improved Tekkai. You can still activate standard Tekkai, but only with a swift action at the beginning of the round. Both Tekkais can no longer be broken by enemies. You do not gain the bonus to saves granted by regular Tekkai while you are moving.

    Your Shigan now does +200% damage instead. You can also now use Shigan twice against the same opponent in a full-round action.

    Also, if anyone can tell me how to put those into a proper table, it will no doubt help.

    Edit: By the way, forgot to mention, these abilities are based on One Piece, and I do not own any of the ideas involved. They're still awesome.

    Edit 2: Fixed a couple of grammar issues and wording in the Improved Rokushiki section.

    Edit 3: Worded a few things differently (requested by my players to avoid exploitations in wording).

    Edit 4: Tables!

    Edit 5: Put back the Monk's 6th level bonus feat so that some of the monk alternate class features available still worked properly.
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