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    Default Re: [3.5e]Possible Monk Fix/Alternate Monk [PEACH]

    I like this. It seems to solve most of the monks issues, namely:

    Full attack dependency - Shigan gives a "pounce" of sorts, while being unique

    Lack of Flight - Geppou allows for something similar, though not quite as good

    MAD - WIS to damage solves that rather nicely, and the extra skill points reduce dependency on INT

    Quivering Palm - it sucked, and its replacement, Rokuougan is infinitely better

    This monk is no longer just a nice dipping sauce, it has a good flavor all its own (no pun intended), and is far above the original monks power level, while being nicely balanced and thought out.

    Id say this class is T3, right with the ToB classes.
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