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    Izanagi Aso, Freelance Photographer, Spiritually Aware Human
    (given, family)


    Physical Appearance:
    Age: 28
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 160
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Black and cut short, but long enough to look like a mess when he has wore a hat or just gotten out of bed
    Skin: a very slight tan

    Izanagi is always on the go, and is athletic but not through a gym regimen. He carries his photography equipment everywhere he goes in a messenger type bag he wears diagonally across his chest.Diagonally the other way across his chest is his camera, very high tech and expensive, with one of many different lenses always on it ready to go. Around his neck and tucked into his jacket are large headphones connected to his phone/music player which he wears while he shoots, especially when he does not want to be bothered (he primarily listens to Hip hop when not working and classical music while he shoots).He wears solid colored t shirts with with solid colored long sleeve underwear shirts underneath,over it all he wears a high tech (warm, wind and water proof) yet utterly worn out black hoody jacket. He wears naturally distressed and worn out dark blue jeans, with day hiking boots meant for urban or rural settings. He wears an almost disgustingly worn out Yomiuri Giants baseball cap very low over his eyes of which he wears constantly flipping it around to wear it backwards when he is taking photographs.

    He is not a dirty man or unclean, only he is always on the go and running around trying to be in the right places at the right times, which leads to him looking disheveled most of the time.He is rather handsome, but is definitely out of place when having to dress up for any kind of function.

    Izanagi is an idealist, and believes in the best of people and himself, however, he is no saint and will gladly bend or break laws in order to get the "right" shot. He has seen things he can not explain, and no one has ever believed. He trusts what he can see, and believes if he can bring to the eyes what others can't see, then he is doing his job as a human.He believes we have a duty to help open the eyes of our fellow man onto the world around us. Each of us viewing it different and therefore bring something new to each and every person we come in contact with.

    Izanagi is always on the go, and whether he has something scheduled to do or not he is always busy. He doesnt like to stay in one place for very long, and is constantly looking for a new shot, however it is NOT unlike him to be captivated by something small or particular setting and stay in it shooting pictures for long periods of time as he can get "caught up" in the moment. Because of this he has little knowledge of popular culture or fashion etc. (outside of what he needs to know for a particular assignment). He is very quick to get to the point with his conversations, and often comes across as "too forward" with others as he is usually trying to "direct" them as if they were a subject in front of his camera. He is very inquisitive and will not hesitate to investigate his curiosity.

    Izanagi is not the most social person, but not because he doesnt appreciate the company or like people. He usually just finds that being around other people all the time takes his focus away from what he can find to shoot.

    Izanagi likes photography, and art...a lot. When he is in a social situation he will often talk about art or art history or art theory or just philosophical ideas in general. He is very intelligent and went to grad school for art history paying for it with his freelance photography. He likes manga and often reads manga at the newspaper and magazine stands instead of purchasing them, though it is not uncommon to find in his bag old issues. He also enjoy music, listening to American Hip Hop (though he cant understand the language) and Classical Music the most. The only popular culture thing he is extremely in tune with is baseball, specifically Yomiuri Giants Baseball, as well as American Baseball. When not listening to music while he shoots he will often be listening to a baseball game, and it is not uncommon for him to yell out things while he shoots which pertain to the baseball games, often making it awkward for those around him. He also is very fond of women in general, but particularly beautiful women, and while he is not a very good person to be in a relationship, he is often a very fun guy to be around if you can keep up with him and deal with his demeanor.

    Izanagi does not like to be bothered while he shoots. He does not get angry, but he does get frustrated when he cant the shot he wants because someone else deters him. He also is not very good at waiting in lines. He will rock back and forth, tap his foot, chew his cigar, whatever he can to get through the wasted time.

    Izanagi's main goal is to prove to the world that he is not only a great photographer, but also that there are spirits around them all, some protecting and some not so much. He wants to show the world this world they can not see. While this initially was his desire of the seen world and that which he would show through his photography, it has extended into the spirits he sees.

    He has not yet found a solution to show and prove to the world these spirits exist. But he is always searching for any ways he can, and though he cant get the spirits to show up on his camera he still often will take pictures of where they are despite this fact, believing perhaps some day someone else will see what he saw.

    He has such little power it is not seen, but for those extremely sensitive it would be a pale yellow

    Izanagi grew up in a lower middle class home in Tokyo with no sisters or brothers. His parents both worked and left Izanagi alone as soon as he was able to fend for himself. His father gave him his first camera when he was 8 and he used it to escape the world which he was left alone in for long periods of time.

    He could see spirits from a very early age, around 5 or so. With his parents never around he as well as his parents came to think of them as "imaginary", and never paid it much thought. He eventually stopped talking about them with anyone as no one believed him, though in his heart he knew they were real and vowed early on to prove them all wrong one day.

    In his last year of high school, his parent were both killed in a train accident, and he took what little money they left him after the home was paid for and sold (it was in a mortgage), and went to college. Izanagi always wished he would have cried at their death, but he never could bring himself to do it. For some reason, he felt they were never gone.

    After college and graduate school, he had accumulated enough contacts to keep taking photos for a living, which he did.He shoots for anyone and everyone who find him (he passes out business cards and fliers everywhere he goes). While not famous in any way, all the newspapers in Tokyo and the surrounding areas knew he could get the shot they needed and as such came into more money by pitting the newspapers against each other for money and exclusivity for his shots.

    He has just recently moved to Phoenix Town as a means to spread his wings and get some new clients. While he is well known enough by the papers to support himself (along with his savings), he hasnt found the extra money as easy to come by in Phoenix Town and as such has had to take many more odd photo jobs to fill the time, like weddings and shoot school portraits. He is not a fan of school portraits as they are boring and require him to have to dress slightly nicer, but they pay well and are never in short supply. He has decided to stay in Phoenix Town and deal with the menial jobs because he has never seen more spirits than he has there, and his interest has never been more piqued than now

    Izanagi has no special abilities other than being to see spirits. Up until this point he had only been able to see them, and when the spirits that noticed he could see them found out he couldnt HEAR them, and help them in some way, they left him alone. He has never seen a Shinigami, as far as he knows, and only seen a Hollow once as he happened upon one as it lay dying in the street with cuts all over it.

    As he enters the RP, the first spirit he sees he WILL be able to hear them, and thus will open a brand new chapter in his curiosity and striving towards his goals.

    Future Abilities
    I do not really plan on Izanagi ever getting more powers, but i do want him to somehow obtain a means to take pictures of spirits that will be able to be seen by non spiritually aware people. I thought it may come in the form of some kind of "spirit camera" he could obtain from the Urahara like shop in the town. We saw in the Bleach anime (maybe the manga) that in Soul Society they have cameras that show Shinigami etc., i thought perhaps one of those would get modified for use by mortals to use and see the images on Earth.

    As either a part of the powers of the camera itself or some powers within Izanagi coming through the camera i would like for him to gain the ability to "trap souls" in some manner. Kind of like the old concerns on photography and that they would "capture your soul" if you let someone take a picture of you. I thought it could be akin to a pretty low powered type of kido or something, or at its highest level a high level type of kido. Maybe something more unique to the photography world, like shrinking them into a polaroid type image or something until they are let loose or a time limit or they bust out.

    Great drawing of Izanagi by the wonderful Kasanip!!