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    Mr. C
    Alias: Mr Cameleon
    Gender: Not really sure, but Mr means male.
    Race/Species: Stuff Animal Lizard
    Alignment: non
    Class/Profession: librarian (Seeker of knowledge)
    Power Rating: E (Well he knows how to run and hide.)

    Description: The picture shows it all. He is only 5 inch big.

    Personality: Mr. C is a strange, open minded person with many phobias and other problems. The nexus may be the best thing to help him.

    Abilities: Camonflage (makes him invisible for normal eyes until he moves)
    His tounge (He use it as a wipe like indiana Jones)
    Speaking all known languages (If able to learn so no PC language which is secret)
    The Armor of Swift Flight! The armor will shrink to the lizard's size for him. On command by the user a pair of large angelic wings will grow from the armor, yay! In addition to making the wearer more resistant to weapons that aren't steeped with evil power.

    Because you're stuck inside the Metool's Helm of Invulnerability you silly little toy!
    This strange helm will resize itself to fit on the wearer's head. However! If the rim of the hat is gripped firmly and pulled down the helmet will increase in size to the point that the wearer can completely cover themselves with the helm!
    The helm is made of some strange yellow plastic-like substance that is as impossible to duplicate as it is impossible to damage. A being hiding inside the helmet is totally impervious to physical harm from the outside world. However, pulling the helmet on and off is somewhat time consuming. Attack and manipulating the helmet both on the same turn is impossible.
    In other words someone can't attack then hide inside the helmet in the same post.

    Once in Trog's Mr.C read a book. Later he found out it's a D20 Item. It disapeared and he got the ability to make sidestep teleportation.

    After getting a ring for the owner of CURATOR, Mr.C recived a ring of fire and lightning, allowing him to shoot fireballs and lightingbolts. (He already trained that.)

    Backstory: ---
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