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Do they actually need to be of that class, or is that an example?

If you're considering treating them simply as hirelings with one job (i.e. the herald isn't supposed to fight or cast spells, just announce you when appropriate), you can also look at simply hiring them based on their level, as if they had a maxed out Profession skill appropriate to their level and took 10.

So, if you have a 5th level Profession: Herald, then you're looking at a 9+ GP per week (18 average check with no stat modifier). That should be a very base for skilled hirelings.
just tacked on as examples.

the thing about hirelings (in the section in the DMG, which I've taken a look at)
is it has a little clause tacked on to the effect of "these guys will not follow you into danger"

meanwhile, something obtained with Leadership or with PC class levels will likely be more than happy to wade into the fray.