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    The Masks


    The Masks first appeared in the Red Zone, in front of a freshly rebuilt chapel, where their leader, The Lady(Jezebel), gave a speech calling for the people of Red Zone to unite and make their homes a better place to live. Over the months, they have gathered more followers, and have rebuilt many buildings around them. It isn't clear where they get the supplies or funding to do this, but those who help them, are given free food and shelter.

    It has been let out that they are not from the Nexus initially, and seem to be rather well armed.

    Unknown to most people, they are actually a cult of Slaanesh, a Chaos God of Excess, Pain, and Pleasure. Why they're rebuilding this place, has yet to be investigated, but so far, it seems they wish to bring it towards perfection.

    Half-White Mask: The Lady(Jezebel)
    Full-White Masks: These are the sub-leaders or important individuals. Many have special abilities. Juan the Daemonhost, The White Woman, and psykers are examples.
    Half-Blue Masks: These are people who have joined and been allowed some special access to the facilities and have been told a light version of the cult history.
    Half-Red Masks: These are fresh initiates who haven't been told that the Whites are members of a cult. It also seems that the Red Masks might be able to help control rapid mutation.

    Notable Members:
    Jezebel- Jezebel is the leader of the cult.
    Aluskal- Aluskal is Jezebel's Daemonette, a gift from Slaanesh to both protect and test the cult, as well as report findings to their Lord.
    The White Lady - She is a Full White Mask that seems to preside over the Chapel and important operations when Jezebel is away. She also seems to be a psyker.
    Juan- Juan, also Donn Yuan The Triumphant, is a Daemonhost. A Daemonhost is a person who has had their soul sacrificed so a Daemon can live inside their body and grant them powers.
    The Woman At The Front Desk - It is unclear what role she plays in the cult, but she used to control the front desk at Serpent's Gaze, a hotel they controlled as a front for their operations.
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