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    Unless otherwise noted, all contributions are designed for D&D 3.5e.

    Base Classes
    Guild Wars classes:
    Dervish, a scythe-wielding holy warrior that calls upon the powers of gods and the earth and wind to aid her in combat.

    Mesmer, a pseudo-spellcaster that has strong shutdown capabilities, denying and interrupting actions performed by other creatures.

    Paragon, a charismatic leader, capable of inspiring armies to greatness, or taking the battle into her own hands with a spear and shield. Uses shouts and chants to grant supernatural bonuses to all allies capable of hearing her.

    Ranger, a defender of the wild with a slew of tricks, ranging from delayed attacks, to poisoned arrows, to traps set to punish the unwary. The Ranger can also call upon nature spirits to change the way the world affects creatures in a localized area, or summon a Spirit Companion to guard her in her travels.

    Warcraft classes:

    Death Knight, a conversion of the World of Warcraft class. Uses a system of fast-recharging runes and a pool of runic power to fuel class abilities focused on frost and profane damage.

    Warcraft Paladin, a virtuous warrior without the restraints of a normal paladin, allowing for character concepts other than "Smite Happy McGee". Has a variety of paths available, ranging from a holy spellcaster that flings divine damage and heals its allies to a living shield for weaker creatures.

    Warcraft Rogue, a master of underhanded combat. This Rogue has a variety of choices that determine its path, varying from a frontline combatant to an assassin that teleports through shadows and delivers precise, efficient attacks.

    Shaman. Lightning bolts and flaming weapons and healing spells, oh my!


    Alchemist: Warlock meets Artificer meets alchemy.

    Ascetic: Martial artist that may choose from a variety of combat styles. Gains varied extraordinary and supernatural abilities over its career, including the ability to shift to the plane of shadow to bypass obstacles.

    Destined Hero: Physical combatant with an encounter-based pool of action points and a variety of fate-themed abilities.

    Draconic Ascendant, a mortal with the blood of dragons somewhere in his past, unlocks many of the powers of his draconic ancestor.

    Elocater - like the prestige class, but 20 levels long and much more awesome!

    Hemolurgist, a combatant focused on delivering debilitating strikes, draining his foe's abilities and adding them to his own.

    Infernal Ascendant, a mortal that makes a pact with an Infernal, gaining many of its aspects over time.

    Solar Ascendant, a mortal that reveres the Solars above all else, gaining a bond with one and slowly taking on many of its special features.

    Swiftblade - like the prestige class, but 20 levels long and a little more awesome!

    Revised Spellthief: a tier 2 redux of the original class, with a new method of casting spells. Gains iconic abilities faster, and has new class features to actually allow some degree of competency against casters.

    Prestige Classes
    League of Legends Prestige Classes: 22-and-counting PrCs for characters of all types, ranging from martial to arcane and everything in between.

    Hemolurgic Shaper, a hemolurgist that has learned to channel the power of incarnum through his blood, binding soulmelds to chakras with his own blood to generate new effects.

    Sharnite, taking the awesomeness of Hex Portals and putting them on a playable chassis.
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