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    Alias: Regret
    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Homonculus
    Age: ...technically 5 (appears, and is mentally, about 28)
    Alignment: True Neutral, wishes to be Neutral Good, considers herself Evil.
    Class/Profession: ...not... sure what to put here.
    Description: Emilia is a woman appearing to be in her late 20s, with short brown hair, light skin, and icy blue eyes. She could be considered quite physically beautiful. She wears simple clothing, favoring dark colors.

    Personality: To come
    Equipment: Not much, to be honest. Some spending money, her clothing... Emilia seems to live simply.
    Abilities: Apart from the standard Homonculus regeneration, any other powers of Emilia's aren't very obvious.
    Backstory: To come later.
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