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    "Hearken to me, followers of the light! Fight with honor and with skill, and this day will be ours!
    Drive your righteous blades into the black hearts of those who would oppose us! For Pelor!"

    - Adison, Lightwarden of the Eternal Sun, Half-Celestial Paragon of Pelor

    Class Skills
    The Paragon's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Climb (Str), Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Gather Information (Cha), Heal (Wis), Intimidate (Cha), Jump (Str), Knowledge (local) (Int), Knowledge (religion) (Int), Listen (Wis), Profession (Wis), Sense Motive (Wis), and Spot (Wis)
    Skills Points at Each Level: 4 + int

    Alignment: Any except true neutral. A Paragon with an Evil alignment component replaces all mentions of divine damage from the class with profane damage.

    Hit Dice: d8

    {table=head]Level|BAB|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special|Primary Path Rank | Secondary Paths Rank

    1st| +1 | +2 | +0 | +2 |Ethos, Path of the Paragon, Leadership +1| 2 | 1

    2nd| +2 | +3 | +0 | +3 |Commanding Presence -1, Elite Skill |3 |1

    3rd| +3 | +3 | +1 | +3 |Motivational Speech (Minor)|3 |2

    4th| +4 | +4 | +1 | +4 |Leadership +2|4 |2

    5th| +5 | +4 | +1 | +4 |Mettle| 4|2

    6th| +6/+1 | +5 | +2 | +5 |Commanding Presence -2|5 |3

    7th| +7/+2 | +5 | +2 | +5 |Motivational Speech (Major)|5 |3

    8th| +8/+3 | +6 | +2 | +6 |Elite Skill, Leadership +3 |6 |3

    9th| +9/+4 | +6 | +3 | +6 |Aura of the Paragon|6 |4

    10th| +10/+5 | +7 | +3 | +7 |Commanding Presence -3| 7|4

    11th| +11/+6/+1 | +7 | +3 | +7 |Motivational Speech (Grand)|7 |4

    12th| +12/+7/+2 | +8 | +4 | +8 |Leadership +4 |8 |5

    13th| +13/+8/+3 | +8 | +4 | +8 |On Wings of Light|8 |5

    14th| +14/+9/+4 | +9 | +4 | +9 |Commanding Presence -4, Elite Skill|9 |5

    15th| +15/+10/+5 | +9 | +5 | +9 |Motivational Speech (Exultant)|9 |6

    16th| +16/+11/+6/+1 | +10 | +5 | +10 |Leadership +5|10 |6

    17th| +17/+12/+7/+2 | +10 | +5 | +10 |Spear of Light|10 |6

    18th| +18/+13/+8/+3 | +11 | +6 | +11 |Commanding Presence -5|11 |7

    19th| +19/+14/+9/+4 | +11 | +6 | +11 |Motivational Speech (Transcendent)|11 |7

    20th| +20/+15/+10/+5 | +12 | +6 | +12 |Elite Skill, Glorious Leader, Leadership +6 | 12|7[/table]

    Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Paragons are proficient with all simple weapons and with all spears, including the hoplite's spear. Paragons are proficient with light and medium armor and with all shields (including tower shields).

    Energy: A Paragon has a small pool of constantly-refilling physical and supernatural prowess, known simply as Energy. This pool consists of 30 points, which are depleted as the Paragon uses her skills. While in an encounter, at the start of each of her turns, the Paragon gains 2 Energy. If the Paragon wears heavy armor, her rate of Energy regeneration drops to 1 per round. Whenever she rests for at least 8 hours, the Paragon regains her full allotment of Energy.

    Adrenaline: Some Paragon Skills require adrenaline in place of - or in combination with - Energy to activate. Using such a skill causes the Paragon to lose that number of strikes of adrenaline. A Paragon gains one strike of adrenaline whenever she successfully hits with an attack, or whenever she takes damage. The source of the damage must pose a legitimate threat to the Paragon for her to gain adrenaline from it.

    A Paragon may have up to ten strikes of adrenaline stored at once, at which point additional strikes of adrenaline gained are wasted. Adrenaline is lost at the end of an encounter or after one minute of not gaining additional adrenaline strikes.

    Paragon Skills: A Paragon uses a set of Skills - abilities unique to the Paragon class. Paragon Skills from the Path of Command or Motivation are supernatural abilities unless indicated otherwise, while Skills from the Path of Spear Mastery are extraordinary abilities unless indicated otherwise. At the start of each day, a Paragon chooses a set of eight different abilities, and may use any of them that are currently available by paying the appropriate cost. A Paragon may change which eight Skills are available to her by meditating for five minutes.

    A Paragon begins play with eight Skills of her choice, and learns a new skill at each level thereafter. Unless otherwise noted, saving throws against Paragon Skills have a DC of 10+1/2 Paragon level+Charisma modifier, if positive.

    A Paragon may use Skills with an activation time of a swift or immediate action while activating Skills that have a 1 round or longer activation time without disrupting that action.

    Elite Skills: At second level, and again every six levels thereafter, the Paragon chooses a single Elite Skill to be added to her repertoire. Elite Skills are powerful abilities that may not be selected as ordinary Skills, and generally provide a stronger effect than a normal Skill. Even if a Paragon knows more than one Elite Skill, she may only prepare a single Elite Skill as one of the eight available to her at a given time.

    Elite Skills known are in addition to other Skills known.

    Ethos (Ex): At 1st level, a Paragon chooses one alignment extreme that she possesses. She gains an aura of this type as a Cleric of her Paragon level. This choice also determines the benefit of her Aura of the Paragon and Spear of Light abilities (see below).

    Path of the Paragon: While all Paragons have the potential to access any Paragon Skill, what truly defines an individual is their choice of path. At first level, a Paragon chooses one of the three paths available to her: Command, Motivation, or Spear Mastery. Skills from this path progress their ranks along the primary path, as indicated on the table above. Skills from the other two paths progress their ranks along the secondary path.

    Leadership (Ex): At 1st level, and again at 4th level and every 4 levels thereafter, the Paragon gains 1 Energy whenever an ally other than herself is affected by one of her Shouts or Chants.

    Commanding Presence (Ex): Starting at 2nd level, whenever a Paragon uses a skill from the Path of Command, all creatures with line of sight to her must make a Will save, DC 10 + 1/2 Paragon level + Charisma modifier, or suffer a -1 penalty to skill checks and attack and damage rolls made against the Paragon or her allies for one round. This penalty does not stack with itself, but the Paragon may force multiple saves in a round if she uses more than one skill from the Path of Command.

    At 6th level and again at every 4 levels thereafter, this penalty increases by an additional point.

    Motivational Speech (Su): Starting at 3rd level, whenever a Paragon uses a skill from the Path of Motivation, all affected allies gain one of the following effects for one round. Unless otherwise noted, all effects are morale bonuses equal to the Paragon's charisma modifier.

    Minor Motivations:
    Motivate Courage: Allies receive bonus against Fear effects.
    Motivate Ferocity: Allies receive bonus to bull rush checks and to critical confirmation rolls when charging.
    Motivate Fortitude: Allies receive bonus to Fortitude saves.
    Motivate Reflexes: Allies receive bonus to Reflex saves.
    Motivate Senses: Allies receive bonus to Spot and Listen.
    Motivate Tactics: Allies receive bonus to disarm, grapple, sunder, and trip rolls.
    Motivate Willpower: Allies receive bonus to Will saves.

    At 7th level, the Paragon may choose from any of the following effects, or may use the list of Minor Motivations with a +1 bonus.

    Major Motivations:
    Motivate Caution: Allies gain Dodge bonus to AC.
    Motivate Fitness: Allies are healed of damage equal to the Paragon's charisma modifier.
    Motivate Greatness: Allies gain bonus to attack and damage rolls.
    Motivate Loyalty: Allies receive bonus against charm and compulsion effects.
    Motivate Skillfulness: Allies receive bonus to one skill of the Paragon's choice.

    At 11th level, the Paragon may choose from any of the following effects, or may use the list of Major Motivations with a +1 bonus, or Minor Motivations with a +2 bonus.

    Grand Motivations:
    Blazing Weaponry: Allies deal +3d6 fire damage with their next successful attack. Bonuses to Grand Motivations increase the number of damage dice accordingly.
    Motivate Determination: Allies gain bonus to overcome spell resistance.
    Motivate Indomitability: Allies gain DR/- against the next successful attack made against them.
    Motivate Resistance: Allies gain bonus to energy resistances, stacking with all other energy resistance.
    Motivate Wellness: Allies gain bonus to resist being dazed, nauseated, paralyzed, sickened, or stunned, or are granted a new save (without the bonus) against such effects.

    At 15th level, the Paragon may choose from any of the following effects, or may use the list of Grand motivations with a +1 bonus, the list of Major motivations with a +2 bonus, or the list of Minor motivations with a +3 bonus.

    Exultant Motivations:
    Motivate Accuracy: Allies gain bonus to attack rolls and critical threat range.
    Motivate Charisma: Allies gain bonus to Charisma score.
    Motivate Constitution: Allies gain bonus to Constitution score.
    Motivate Dexterity: Allies gain bonus to Dexterity score.
    Motivate Intelligence: Allies gain bonus to Intelligence score.
    Motivate Perfection: Allies treat all ability modifiers as +2 higher.
    Motivate Precision: Allies ignore miss chances from sources other than total concealment.
    Motivate Strength: Allies gain bonus to Strength score.
    Motivate Wisdom: Allies gain bonus to Wisdom score.

    At 19th level, the Paragon may choose from any of the following effects, or may use the list of Exultant motivations with a +1 bonus, the list of Grand motivations with a +2 bonus, the list of Major motivations with a +3 bonus, or the list of Minor motivations with a +4 bonus.

    Transcendent Motivations:
    Divine Sight: Allies gain true seeing for one round.
    Divine Weaponry: Physical damage of allies is replaced with divine damage.
    Loyalty Beyond Death: Allies that would fall below 0 hp are instead reduced to 0 hp. This motivation can only trigger once per round per affected ally.
    Vitality of the Gods: Allies gain immunity to [Death] effects and any effect that would slay them outright, such as a blasphemy spell with a caster level 10 higher than their HD.

    Mettle (Ex): A Paragon of 5th level or higher can resist magical and unusual attacks with great willpower or fortitude. If she makes a successful Will or Fortitude save against an attack that normally would have a lesser effect on a successful save (such as any spell with a saving throw entry of Will half or Fortitude partial), she instead completely negates the effect. An unconscious or sleeping Paragon does not gain the benefit of mettle.

    Aura of the Paragon (Su): A Paragon of 9th level or higher has a second aura radiating out to 60 feet; the specific aura is determined by the Paragon's Ethos. The bonus granted by the aura is equal to the Paragon's charisma modifier.

    Chaos Ethos: Allies within the aura gain an Insight bonus to saves against effects that would impair movement (but not effects that would totally incapacitate, such as a flesh to stone spell) and to grapple checks made to resist being pinned.

    Evil Ethos: Allies within the aura gain a Profane bonus to damage rolls.

    Good Ethos: Allies within the aura gain a Sacred bonus to Armor Class.

    Law Ethos: Allies within the aura gain an Insight bonus to attack rolls. This bonus does not stack with any other effect that adds a charisma bonus to attack rolls, such as the Paragon's Motivate Greatness motivation, or the Snowflake Wardance feat.

    On Wings of Light (Su): A Paragon of 13th level or higher may sprout wings of semisolid radiance as a free action, which grant her a flight speed of 60 feet with perfect maneuverability. The wings shed light as a Daylight spell, and dispel darkness effects of 4th level or lower.

    The Paragon may use these wings for a number of minutes per day equal to her charisma modifier, divided as she wishes. Dismissing the wings is a free action.

    Spear of Light (Su): While wielding any form of spear or javelin, a Paragon of 17th level or higher may bestow it with additional effects, as determined by her Ethos.

    Chaos Ethos: The wielded weapon gains the Anarchic and Lawbane properties.

    Evil Ethos: The wielded weapon gains the Unholy and Goodbane properties.

    Good Ethos: The wielded weapon gains the Holy and Evilbane properties.

    Law Ethos: The wielded weapon gains the Axiomatic and Chaosbane properties.

    Glorious Leader (Su): A Paragon of 20th level radiates such power that those who follow her simply refuse to be stopped. While the Paragon is conscious, allies with line of sight to her ignore any effect that would incapacitate or slay them outright, though they must still make saving throws (if any) against these effects. When the Paragon falls unconscious or affected allies lose line of sight to her, any effects ignored via this ability take effect immediately.

    Multiclass Paragons: The Paragon adds one half her level in other classes to her effective Paragon level for determining Path progression, but no other benefit of a Paragon level, such as higher level Motivational Speeches or a greater penalty from Commanding Presence. If the Paragon multiclasses into another class that uses an Energy system and a Skill system similar to her own, the restrictions of both apply, and she may still only have a total of eight Skills readied, regardless of the class they come from.

    Hoplite's Spear
    {table=head]Cost | Dmg (S) | Dmg (M) | Critical | Range Increment | Weight | Type
    15 gp |
    9 lb
    | Piercing[/table]

    A hoplite's spear is an exotic weapon. A character proficient with the hoplite's spear may use it one-handed, with a reach of either 5 or 10 feet, chosen at the start of each of her turns as a free action, and lasting until the start of her next turn. A character proficient with longspears may use a hoplite's spear as such, even if she does not possess the appropriate exotic weapon proficiency.
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