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    This thread is getting lost in a sea of threads. Sorry for the slow updates.

    Here's two more feats. I'll probably create Bladeback Armor later this week.

    Epic Protective Frill [Monstrous]
    You are even more adept at blocking foes than usual.
    Prerequisites: Protective Frill, Animal or Magical Beast type, Natural Armor 10+
    Benefits: By spending a move action and not performing any other action afterwards for that round, the creature may position it's skull so that it offers full cover. This makes the creature impossible to it until it's next turn.
    Normal: Creatures with the Protective Frill feat may spend a move action to gain partial cover, which grants a +4 bonus to armor class.

    Improved Dorsal Plating [Fighter, Monstrous]
    Your dorsal plates are very effective combat tools.
    Prerequisites: Dorsal Plating
    Benefits: As a move action, a creature may lower its body to place its dorsal plates between it and a single creature. This effectively doubles your natural armor bonus when being attacked by the creature (and that creature only). Any damage that the dorsal plating would usually cause creatures that use a light or natural weapon against it doubles.
    Normal: A creature with dorsal plating may do as mentioned above, except that it grants an extra +4 bonus to armor class and deals the damage listed in the combat entry.
    Special: A Fighter can choose this feat as a bonus feat. They only gain the benefits if they have Dorsal Plating as a racial trait or if they are wearing Bladeback armor.
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