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Thank you, that's a great ressource !
My only reproche is that I would have prefer to see the graft separate by type instead of all grouped together (and perhaps also seprate the eberon symbiont from the fiend follio one).
Still really good work, I will bookmark it.
Thanks for the praise!

Yes, I would have put it by type too, in hindsight. When I started, I didn't realize how many grafts there actually were I knew there were a few outside Magic of Eberron, but turned out that there were a lot out there.

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Very important: There's a monster in Fiendish Codex 1 which can give you up to three fiendish grafts free of charge, instantly, and can be summoned with Greater Planar Binding. This is the only thing that makes some of the fiendish grafts worthwhile... otherwise they're horribly overpriced.

Oooh, yeah, that would help; I'll look for that and add it. Thanks! I should also list the sidebar in Magic of Eberron describing how to handle grafts and symbionts as treasure.

For the record, though, the most overpriced graft, must be the Silthilar graft "Healing Blood". It's disgusting.

Anyway, if anyone knows of any other resources I've missed, or wants to suggest some homebrew, I'm all ears!