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Added the Sibriex per JaronK's suggestion; went through quite a few books' Tables of Contents to cross them off the list (didn't really expect to find anything in Races of the Wild, for example, but it didn't hurt to check).

Aha! Thank you very much, I shall update the list! I really need to do some more searching for homebrew.

Well, several of the "old" grafts are ridiculous: the Aboleth Tentacle and Mucus Projector are both extremely dangerous (check the SRD for info on exactly what Aboleth mucus does - these grafts allow you to use the stuff very regularly), for example. Quite a few of the grafts give decent, untyped, permanent bonuses to Strength, plus they give you a natural attack (usually Claw). If money's no object, you could stack a very large number of natural attacks through grafts, which might be quite dangerous when put on top of a Totemist or King of Smack-type build.

The Eldeen Plantgrafter is very interesting, though; Darkwood Bark and Healing Tentacle are both quite good. I don't like the limitations on both sets of feats: almost all of the cool "old" grafts require that you get them done to you by a member of one of several powerful and unpleasant races (Aboleths, Illithids, Fiends, etc), while the "new" grafts limit you to only five grafts plus you can't get grafts of any other type once you have them. Of the other "new" grafts, nothing immediately comes to mind, though.

For the symbionts, the Living Breastplate is one of a great armor, the Tentacle Whip is an excellent weapon (especially for an offhand weapon), and if you're not using your Swift/Immediate Actions, the Shadow Sibling would give you a constant 50% miss chance. Tonguworm gives you yet another natural attack, too. The symbionts from Fiend Folio are even more powerful (two of them give you the Illithid's Mind Blast), but they tend to hurt more (Int or Wis damage every time you use an ability seems common). Of course, a level of Binder (grab Naberius) fixes that right up...
The Fleshwarper PrC allows you to avoid that little "must be a member of this race" issue. And wouldn't you not be able to get more than to hand grafts unless it explicitly gives you a new appendage?