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Would This PrC qualify?
It most certainly does! OK, starting the actual homebrew list, then!

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The Fleshwarper PrC allows you to avoid that little "must be a member of this race" issue. And wouldn't you not be able to get more than to hand grafts unless it explicitly gives you a new appendage?
Ah, good point on the Fleshwarper; honestly I only skimmed it. As for the hand grafts: true, but you can get a lot of different natural weapons. Tongues, tails, claws, trampling, etc etc. Working out what does and doesn't stack can be difficult (like, really difficult; anyone who's tried to run a Totemist knows about this), but I'm pretty sure Grafts would have a fair amount to add to a Totemist and/or King of Smack. Worth it, though, I'm not sure - they can be very expensive.