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    Default Re: Fleshwarping: A List of Grafts, Symbionts, and Related Goodies

    Ahh, there we go. Ocular Adept, Faiths and Pantheons, page 200. Apparently, it's just the singular central eye of an Eyeball Beholderkin(like a lesser Beholder), and yet somehow it gains the ability to fire all 10 rays of a regular Beholder.

    Quote Originally Posted by Veyr View Post
    Actually, on this: can you explain that rule? I saw the text there, but it seemed to indicate a +2 bonus to the save DC for having only one eye... which makes no sense and is confusing.
    They just mean that the figure is lower than it should be by 2 points(ie, it should really be 18, but you only have the one eye gazing, so 16). So it stands to reason that if both your eyes have been replaced by this(or if you're some kind of Triclops, presumably only need 2 of your eyes replaced), the save DC should thusly be raised by 2(ie, ignoring the +2 bonus/-2 penalty to the save DC)

    Likewise, one of the Fiendish Leg Grafts has the line about uneven legs reducing your speed. So just grab the Fast Leg to neutralise this, or else graft 2 Fast Legs.

    Quote Originally Posted by Veyr View Post
    The which ones?
    The ones in the other books: Libris Mortis, Lords of Madness(not sure which others). I don't care much for the New Generation Grafts(and don't have much experience reading up on them), so somebody else can do those.

    Edit: Also, may want to edit your first post to add the part about Draconic Grafts being under "New Grafts" along with Construct/Deathless/Elemental/Plant.
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