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Ahh, there we go. Ocular Adept, Faiths and Pantheons, page 200. Apparently, it's just the singular central eye of an Eyeball Beholderkin(like a lesser Beholder), and yet somehow it gains the ability to fire all 10 rays of a regular Beholder.
Mmm. And Beholders give this to non-beholders? Seems like an odd thing for them to do.

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They just mean that the figure is lower than it should be by 2 points(ie, it should really be 18, but you only have the one eye gazing, so 16). So it stands to reason that if both your eyes have been replaced by this(or if you're some kind of Triclops, presumably only need 2 of your eyes replaced), the save DC should thusly be raised by 2(ie, ignoring the +2 bonus/-2 penalty to the save DC)

Likewise, one of the Fiendish Leg Grafts has the line about uneven legs reducing your speed. So just grab the Fast Leg to neutralise this, or else graft 2 Fast Legs.
I get your argument, I was more confused by the text in the book. It seemed to be referencing some default rule somewhere else, and it was really unclear that they translated the +2 bonus to targets' saving throws into the -2 penalty to the DC (like, doing that makes sense, it just wasn't clear to me that this was what they were doing).

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The ones in the other books: Libris Mortis, Lords of Madness(not sure which others). I don't care much for the New Generation Grafts(and don't have much experience reading up on them), so somebody else can do those.
Ah, sorry, that makes sense. Yeah, sure; I still need to figure out how I'm going to integrate those lists (you'll receive full credit), but they are handy.

The new grafts don't require that, since they all explicitly take one of five "slots" for them (arms, legs, flesh, eye, and... something else?). I don't like how you can only have one in each slot (and that there are only 5 slots), nor do I like the "only one type of graft" rule, but thus far the new grafts have struck me as more reasonable and the rules less vague.

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Edit: Also, may want to edit your first post to add the part about Draconic Grafts being under "New Grafts" along with Construct/Deathless/Elemental/Plant.
Good call, I'll do that now.

Also, I ran across LordOfProcrastination's Nasty Gentleman TO build - wow. That thing is disgusting.

Anyway, some homebrew I've come across, all related to the Daelkyr half-blood: I wouldn't call myself the best judge of balance, so I was hoping to get some opinions on these before I add them to the list. Notably, I found two different Daelkyr Half-blood Racial Paragon Classes (yet amusingly, both give the same feature the ability to generate a second symbiont).

  • Template:
    • Daelkyr Heir (Seidaku) turns Daelkyr Half-blood (and then some) into an LA +2 Template. It does a lot, but LA +2 is huge, so I don't know. With buy-off in higher-level games, absolutely worth it, though.
  • Racial Paragon Classes
    • Daelkyr Half-blood (DragoonWraith) Enhance symbionts as if they were magic items, gain a second Symbiont.
    • Daelkyr Half-blood (Warforged Goblin) Become more of an aberration, gain a second Symbiont.