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    Default Re: L.L's House of Horror: A Good Old PS2 Freakfest (Survival Horror LP)

    Quote Originally Posted by Domochevsky View Post
    Don't really know enough about Fatal Frame to really say which one's better, but as far as co-hosting goes i'd say go with two people, tops, (you and one other) and stick to that, since more people tend to muddle it up (they get distracted more easily) and it's easier to get back into it if you were there the last time it happened.

    Maybe make a series out of it and play all of the games.
    I do intend to play multiple games on the list. I'm not sure if I'm even going to complete one but I'll try and get through as many as I can! And I found all of the games on Amazon, so if you pick a preference out of those you suggested, odds are I'll order it.
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