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    Default Re: The Fires of War: Tales of a Trainer (Let's Play Pokemon Fire Red!)

    Ok, first update time!

    Chapter 01: The Start of a Loving Friendship

    Max had told me to go find Oak. Why that was my job and not his since he's the man's grandson I have no idea. I ended up searching all over town for the geezer until I decided to search outside of Pallet.


    "It's too dangerous to go in tall grass alone. Come with me to my lab."
    "Where the hell were you, Oak?"
    "Oh, I was swimming in the ocean!"
    I promptly smacked him. He rubbed his cheek as he led me back to his lab.

    "I mean, swimming in the ocean is fun and all, but I need my friggin' Pokemon!"
    "Wait, you KNEW that he was swimming and you didn't tell me?"
    "Hehe, sucker!"
    I promptly smacked him as well.
    "Now don't fight. I have Pokemon here for you to select, Andre!"

    "What about me?!"

    I walked over to the table and considered my options. For one, there was a lizard with a flaming tail that seemed to really want me to pick it for some reason. Then there was a plant-dinosaur-thing that seemed to keep to itself. However, the one that caught my eye was a blue turtle that just sat there staring at Max.
    "Hey, that Pokemon sucks!"
    It promptly spat water into his face, sending him sprawling back. I made up my mind and picked up the little water beast. I decided to give it a fitting nickname: "Tide"

    Max got the Bulbasaur after pulling himself off the ground. He said something about "type advantage" or something like that. I merely shrugged and headed out to start my grand adventure!

    "Oh sunuva-"
    He sent out Bulbasaur and Tide popped out of my pokeball. This was going to happen whether or not I wanted it to.

    Tide was ruthless in battle, not hesitating to destroy Bulbasaur in battle. Bulbasaur managed to get a few hits in between beatings, but it couldn't keep up with Tide's ferocity.
    Max's jaw was understandably low.

    "What about that 'Type Advantage' crap you spewed earlier, huh?"
    "Gck... Screw you, man!"
    He then ran away like a wuss. This was going to be the start of a beautiful rivalry in which I destroy whatever he throws my way.
    I decided to head out to the grass again. Oak can't stop me NOW!

    However, a child seems to have blocked my path.

    "What in the heck are you talking about?"
    Not just any child. An insane one. I fled into the wilderness to escape her. She kept murmuring something about "EXP" and "Saving the game." Scary stuff, I tell you.

    Unfortunately, Tide doesn't know the meaning of "Mercy" and it slaughtered the Pidgey. I took it with me and roasted it later for lunch. It tasted pretty good, actually.

    I ran into a representative of the PokeMart in the next town. He apparently saw Tide kill the Pidgey.

    He tried to stay professional the entire time. Tide kept staring at him and I think it made him uncomfortable. Kudos to him.
    He threw a potion at me and ran away. I guess Tide nibbling on his leg was a bit overboard...

    Tide was saddened by the fact that it lost a victim. So it lept into the grass and murdered a rat. I'm starting to get a tad scared of it...

    Tide seemed to actually get hurt on our short trip to Viridian City, so I decided to stop in here to heal it up.
    I attempted to leave it at the Pokemon Center, but Nurse Joy stopped me saying something about abandoning Pokemon being "wrong" and "immoral." I sighed and took back Tide. I then remembered the representative and decided to stop by the PokeMart.

    "Yeah... Why do you ask?"

    "So instead of doing the errand he knew he had, he decided to go swimming. Fan-tucking-fastic. Fine, I'll take his stupid *grumble grumble grumble*"
    So I grabbed the package and stormed out of the PokeMart. Tide stayed in his pokeball the whole time, so I assumed he was sleeping.
    Unfortunately I was wrong as he busted out of the pokeball to murder more Pokemon on the way back to Pallet. Seriously, this little turtle is an evil little bugger.

    So I finally made it back to Prof. Oak's lab. Tide was beside me, grinning like a madman. However, as soon as I stepped in the lab, he went back to looking like an innocent little Squirtle.

    "It's an abomination and has murdered 3 Pidgey and 5 Ratata. It's putting up a front right now to gain your trust before slaughtering you as well."
    "Aww, Andre's got a little imagination. But it does look stronger!"

    "I haven't been doing anything, though..."
    He ignored me as he noticed what I was carrying.

    "Yeah, it's the package you were supposed to pick up today. Instead you went swimming you lazy-"

    "God I hate you old man."

    "I hate you too, Max. Why must your family suck so much?"
    "Hey! I take offense to that!... My sister is cool!"

    "*sigh* What is it?"

    "Ok. So you want me to take this Poke-whatever and record the data of every Pokemon I come across, wasting my money on pokeballs and wasting my time searching out the especially rare ones. What's in it for me?"
    "My loving affection!"
    "I hate yo-"
    "And five pokeballs, an invite to the Pokemon League which awards great riches, fame and fortune, and hot babes."
    "Sign me up!"

    I might be gullible, but I like to think that the hot babes are a guarantee.

    "The babes will be all mine! Now I'm gonna get a Town Map from my sister and tell her not to give you one!"
    He then stuck his tongue out, pulled down his eyelid and said "Nyah-Nyah!" before running off. Am I the only sane person around here?

    "Finally someone realizes it!"
    "Yeah, sometimes I think I'm the only sane person in our family. Without me, nothing would get done!"
    We both laughed as she handed me the Town Map and I headed out.
    "See you later!"
    "Have fun on your journey!"

    I went out into the wild again and we encountered another Pidgey. Hoping for a meal, since it was getting dark out, I rooted Tide on. However, this Pidgey was different. It almost beat Tide, so I decided to catch it. We could always use some more Pokemon on our journey, after all!


    In Viridian City, I saw an old man just itching to talk to me. So I went the long way around, trying to escape him. I found a Potion, but I couldn't get past a hedge in my way, so I turned around and headed a different way.

    For some reason I have a feeling that Max is going to pop up somewhere over here and challenge me...

    "It's a pig-monkey-thing! Tide, weaken it so that we may assimilate the cute little bundle of anger and aggression!"

    Success! Now it's time to train up Tide!



    And now to heal. I need to get some food, so I'll go find another Spearow for Tide to kill. Wait, why are you dragging me out here, Tide? Is it... Dammit, Max!!! My intuition proved me right...

    I finally figured out how to record with VBA!
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