~Iivraena Lil'kenafin~

As Iivraena's only remaining eye began to burn, she quickly shut it, wincing as tears began to fall from how much pain she was going through. Upon feeling her cue, which was the immense amounts of heat, her eye shot open quickly. She felt herself shake and for a bit, she was sure they were all about to die soon. Thankfully, Lolth seemed to be still watching over her as that appeared to be otherwise.

She had recognized this as the Abyss but not immediately which layer. Iivraena was definitely not ignorant when it came to these types of things. Merely, she'd never done this before but it didn't mean she had no clue as to what she was talking about. She blinked a bit, allowing her good eye to adjust as she slowly looked around, taking in all the details.

Instincts originally told her to swat the fly but something else in her mind gave her the feeling it would be a bad idea. Calm down... just get through this and for the time being, you'll be done.... Yet part of her reminded herself it wasn't the job that seemed to be difficult but rather, Ia. After all, he was the reason they were now here. They should have been getting the fourth key but no... now they were here instead.

As Iivraena felt something in her hands, she looked down to see a black scroll. The designated hiding place was easy as she placed it underneath her shirt in between her chest. She knew no one, not even Alakdriirn, would dare be that stupid... unless they wanted to try and see what would happen. Besides, robes were almost always one of the first places checked so should that happen, it'd be found out way too easily. She took a deep breath as Beelzebub left then glared to Ia, "No more of this crap! We should have been done with this but no... you had to send the priest didn't you?! Now listen up and listen good because I'm not repeating myself... keep your damn summons to yourself! This is more like a covert negotiation mission and this should be even easier than what we were trying to do! I don't know about you, but I don't feel like finding out the secondary purpose of those flies infused with us. So, if you don't mind, follow and shut up during this damn thing. Now then...."

She turns to the volcano, taking another deep breath. "I can probably teleport us all right to the bridge with my helm. All that will be left is the walk. If, however, anyone wants to use spells or anything... speak up now. Otherwise, me and Alakdriirn are heading over." With what patience and sanity she still had left, she began awaiting to hear what the others had to say regarding this idea.