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    ~Iivraena Lil'kenafin~

    Iivraena smirks upon hearing Theda's words, merely nodding in agreement. She looks at Tonn slightly hesitantly before shaking her head no after a bit. "Not that I don't trust Tonn... but falling into any of that magma would be really bad. Also, though I myself cannot feel as though I can cast spells, it seems my items can still work. So... irregardless of whether he wants to take that thing off or not, he can't stop me from using my helmet. That being said.. I believe everyone seems to have their modes of transportation set."

    Her eyes gaze over to Ia, "You're lucky to be alive as it is. That being said, I owe you nothing good considering the mess you got us into. So figure out your own way to get here." With that, she took a deep breath, tightened her grip on Alakdriirn's leash, then finally focused on gazing over at the bridge then closing her eye, activating her helm to see about getting this to work.

    (Tsume said while your ... Divinities Demise works on actual spells, magical items and such still work.

    And now, let's see how this goes....
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