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    ~Iivraena Lil'kenafin~

    (This is all before the helm activates since me & Tsume were out for a bit...)

    Iivraena shakes her head, scoffing at Ia, "You damned fool! All deities, whether good or otherwise, have divine powers... not confusing ones like you have. If you really want to join them one of these days, you damn well better get used to it by allowing yourself to feel the flow of divine powers. That being said... you really should turn that barrier off. Or do you want us to die? I'll let you ponder the answer to that... you don't even need to answer me verbally. The way you act during this mission will be my answer."

    As she heard Nicos speak next, she laughed a bit. "Just because you're a more.... popular criminal does not mean I'm not as well. After all, what happens below ground is usually unknown about for good reasons. Rest assured though, I can handle this fine."

    Her eyes closed as she sighed softly, unable to help but hear Ia's annoying words repeating through her head. She was feeling her helm about to activate and she began to send up her own silent prayer, Lolth... I know you're still watching over me. Should Alakdriirn ever bear me a girl, smite that damn elf for me if I can't and Beelzebub decides to save him for some reason..... Her eyes remained closed as she felt the helm beginning to finish activating. Hopefully this had all worked.
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