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    As you begin to cross the bridge, you hear a voice from above. "Halt over-worlder!" This definitely gave you a strange feeling. Usually it'd be you yelling this sort of thing at someone else when someone invaded the Underdark. The flapping of leathery wings is heard as two rather uncharacteristically handsome men drop from the sky. Unlike the trappings you gave Alakdriirn, these men seem to have no such thing. "Why do you come here, dark one? Do you have a favor to ask of Lady Fierna?"

    All others:
    As you fly around so high in the sky, part of you starts to wonder... what sticks out more than a winged elf flying around a fiery plane? Why a gold dragon... that's what! Yes a gold dragon flying around the hellish domain! Perhaps simply a poor color choice. The scouting yields that the areas around where you were dropped off consists mainly of lakes of fire and large spiked pits where you can see numerous bodies have been dumped into. The rest of the area is the same. Endless wastes of fire and lava dotted by small volcanoes and rivers of fire.

    The landscape is indeed breath-taking. In fact, if you took any more ash it'd be breath-losing. But out of the corner of your eyes, you spot Iivraena's dilemma. She seems alright for the moment.. but you all have a bigger problem. What appears to be three large balls of magma are flying in your direction. Upon a closer look, they appear to have a shape... that of dragons made from pure living lava rock.
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