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    (*starts laughing* Oh my god.... you do not know what fresh Hell you've suddenly introduced do you? Oh well... here we go...)

    It's almost as if the sky itself had decided to turn against everything. The temperature begins to shift rapidly as an eerie mist fills the sky followed by a rather disturbing downpour. Images that look akin to nightmares float through the air. The ground begins to cool and heat with almost no time to recover from the quick change.... and that's when you hear it. The cracking, the rumbling. Steam begins to shoot from the vents and then instantly cool. One moment you can see your breath and the next you're sweating. Finally, the rapidly cooling and heating rock and magma surrender. Large gashes began to tear into the ground. The already active volcanoes begin to shake and shudder with much more intensity than before as lava begins flowing from every part of the broken ground. It's a variable Armageddon.

    It feels as if the whole plane is shifting as the bridge suddenly begins to crumble and crack. (Make a Reflex Save)

    Everyone Else:
    (I await your results)

    Since the winds had picked up into the violent gale and you're technically flying, your Reflex saves are going to have their DC increased by about 5. I'm doing the same for the dragons.

    (Everyone needs a save. Some will be different and less strict due to the epicenter of the quake, the distance from the epicenter, and the violent shakings going on. Everyone needs to do a Reflex. More will be added pending the roll results.... )

    DM Rolls:
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