~Iivraena Lil'kenafin~

Iivraena stared for a couple seconds ahead and then looked down upon feeling the crumbling begin. This wasn't really happening... was it? And yet as it continued, she began moving her feet, forcing herself to run. Tears of anger and frustration began falling down her face for the first time in years. Why now?! WHY?! I TOLD HIM THIS WAS A DAMN NEGOTIATION MISSION!!! I TOLD HIM THAT EVEN!! She felt herself look up as she continued running, continuing her silent prayer, Lolth... please.... I beg you! Allow me to live through this and I'll kill him personally if Beelzebub doesn't! Just don't let me die from one stupid error caused by this wretched elf! Whilst running, she ducked under the incubi, pulling Alakdriirn behind. There was no way she'd lose him if she could avoid it. All through her head, she could hear herself constantly screaming, I HATE THAT DAMN ELF! over and over again.

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