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    Is there something cute or simple we can us as reference?: Not really. Although, he does enjoy it when people call him Sir. Not as a regular thing, it's more like a "Oh, how nice. Etiquette."

    Insert sex here: "That's what she said," he replies with a light chuckle. He wipes a tear from his eye and sighs, "No, no. Bad joke." He's a male, if you haven't figured from the context of the previous entry.

    Is he a vampire? No. He's an Elan. An he doesn't sparkle like a rhinestone studded David Bowie in the sunlight, either. ...Well, actually he does a little. I wish that movie hadn't almost ruined Elan for me.

    How long has he been 17? Aziraphel throws up a bit in his mouth and runs to the bathroom. Apparently he didn't like the reference. He was seventeen for only year, like everyone else who lived to see eighteen. But if we want to get technical, he's lived for a number of years equal to several multiplications of 17.

    In all honesty, even he doesn't remember how old he is. Smart people stop counting after a while. Vain people never stop until the Alzheimer's hits.

    Are we talking good or evil here?: More like true neutral. He's an observer for the most part, but tends to intervene on behalf of the underdog in uneven fights. He doesn't much care for labels like Good and Evil as they're two sides of the same coin, contrasts that exist in an awkward type of harmony.

    What's his vocation?: Scientist, author, shark juggler, underwater basket fact, he's good at just about anything he chooses to be. Happens with an INT score that high. (INT score withheld for legal reasons)

    Should he really be fighting with anyone?: Probably not. Even gods give this guy a wide berth, if only because it's less costly to avoid conflict. Not to say he kills gods or anything, or even that he can, it's just that they prefer to leave him alone as opposed to get him riled up.

    What the devil does he look like?: Aziraphel towers over most folks, standing an ominous six feet eight inches in height. He is, however, not an imposing man. Though his appearance frequently puts people off at first, as he seems human ('seems' being the operative word), his friendly demeanor and his choice of clothing materials and colors help to offset that effect.

    To say he is bald is akin to saying that an iron kettle is a large black cooking instrument of considerable versatility. He has taken great pains in making it work and it is often well buffed and, in a sense. His facial features are delicate, yet rugged while maintaining a strong, statuesque look.

    He wears robes of exquisite design, colored a rich blue and immaculate white. The larger portions of cloth are blue, while the trimming is made of silver threading and the patterned designs throughout are of a pure white. Many steel and silver trinkets adorn the cloak as well.

    Over this, he often wears an ashen Cloak of Many Pockets, a personal cape and cowl design he fashioned when he decided carrying his valuables with him was more prudent than leaving them laying about for any random thief to peruse at their leisure...and fortifying a stronghold with traps is terribly expensive.

    He uses a simple, yet ornate staff as a walking stick. It is simple in its form and function, as it appears to be an ordinary walking stick. However, it is ornate because its natural growth patterns look almost as though they were carved. The natural designs have sparked many debates as to the origin of the staff which, even Aziraphel will bashfully admit he is bereft of that information, as well. ...What? He found it. A guy can't just find something in a RPG? Does everything HAVE to have a backstory?

    Character Image:

    So, about this guy's personality...: Oh, it's very friendly. He almost never uses his powers for anything other than to assist him in his own research. He does, however, help people who need it...indiscriminate of who needs it.

    This is often to the woe of nearby do-gooders who are promptly given a telekinetic B-slapped by Aziraphel, who then have to watch helplessly while the villain runs away laughing. Needless to say, Aziraphel is not a huge fan of conflict. So if, after saving someone, that particular someone decides to attack the people Aziraphel saved him from, he usually destroys that person outright. Don't try to understand'll just hurt yourself.

    Wait. What's with this guys gear?: The Cloak of Many Pockets is a personal cloak design of Aziraphel's that he had crafted by a master spell-caster. It is a normal ashen cloak with many pockets sewn into the interior. Each of the pockets, save one, is an extra-dimensional space measuring four cubic feet. The last remaining pocket is a normal pocket containing four compartments with button seals.

    This pocket is located on the upper part of the back, near the neck of the cloak. When the hood is removed from the head, it falls over that part of the cloak, hiding its presence entirely. Even when the cowl is up, the pocket is nearly impossible to notice (in game mechanics, we're talking epic level Spot checks) because of the cloak's thickness. This pocket is nearly impossible to reach when the hood is down without alerting Aziraphel to tempering, and is impossible to reach without alerting him when the cowl is up without physically cutting the cloak. This pocket is used to store his four portable holes, which he uses to store items to large to carry in his cloak's pockets.

    Each of the pockets of his cloak are enchanted with a modified version of the Shocking Grasp spell, which activates when some one other than Aziraphel attempts to access one of the pockets without speaking the password. This spell function like shocking grasp, except that it the recipient of the attack finds themselves unable to break free from the pocket without a great feat of strength (like DC 40) or disenchanting the pocket (caster level is 28). The cloak, oddly enough, functions inside an Anti-Magic Field.

    A recent addition to the cloak's enchantment is the ability to activate a type of glamer effect, whereby it assumed the form of his normal robes, though with a hood and the designs on the vestment are gold instead of white.

    So he has powers and stuff, right?: As the world's foremost expert on "the function of psionic abilities on all matter readily available for testing" and "proper application of psionic spacial manipulation techniques to yield a variety of delightfully frightening results" as quoted in his fourth volume Psionics: Mysteries of the Mind Revealed, it can logically be assumed that he should not, in fact, be fighting with anyone other than your typical A - A+ variety characters. Remember, this is the guy S rank characters don't even want to bother. Not that they couldn't kill him, but deities despise having to recover from grievous injuries just as much as mortals do.

    Who exactly is this guy?: Aziraphel is an exceedingly powerful Elan psion of considerable intelligence. Having existed for centuries, he has made it his life's work to explore the mysteries of the Multiverse. His travels have taken him to many of the existing Planes, including the near entirety of the Material Plane. As such, he is quite knowledgeable in a variety of subjects ranging anywhere from xeno-science to minor studies in Astrophysics. He rarely enjoys to discuss his work, however, as he uses time interacting with sapient life to form bonds of friendship and a wider net of contacts.

    He is also a highly accomplished author of some repute. He is not widely known due to the fact that many of his works have not been published. Most volumes he chooses to keep in his private collection of books, only releasing generally relevant information and books he feels will provide him with entertainment in the future. For example, his widely acclaimed book on Xeno-Science studies involving a particular denizen of the shadowy places of the universe The Grue and You: The Reason There is a High Probability You will Become a Target for Consumption was well received, and it served to help liberate people from their fears of being eaten by a Grue. Hilariously enough, though, this did little to stem the tide of people being eaten by Grue. However, no one is really afraid of the Grue ingesting them any longer.
    Character Image used is of Jace Beleren
    Original Artist: Aleksi Briclot
    TM & (c) 1993-2007 Wizards of the Coast, Inc.
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