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    Dag Alkothor

    Is there something cute or simple we can us as reference?: Dag. He prefers Dag, in fact. Mostly because even he doesn't like saying his full name...which will NOT be typed here. Sad to say, the player has actually forgotten Dag's original full name, as he never used it. It was nearly 14 characters long and was originally meant as a joke name. However, the name Dag was used because one of the player's friends refused to use the whole name. Dag stuck, and his original name was never used again.

    Insert sex here: I'd rather not...pretty sure that's like, one of those things that gets you a demerit, or whatever. Erm...Male? Yeah. That's it. If I call him a girl again, he'll beat me.

    Is he a vampire? No, but considering he's basically immortal, I can see why someone might think that. The enjoyment of daylight and the complete lack of interest in drinking blood of any kind also tends to dissuade one from thinking such silly things.

    How long has he been 17? He claims to have skipped 17 and went straight to 20. Why he skipped 18 & 19 is beyond me. In any case, he's been around a while. Well, "a while" isn't very accurate. Long time. Very long time. He prefers not to remember exactly how long because it makes him feel old...then it's nearly impossible to get the wheelchair away from him.

    Are we talking good or evil here?: More like Chaotic Silly. He's a Good natured fellow, but sometimes his logic is so off the wall accurate, that it just seems silly for the first 20 minutes you spend trying to rationalize it. Other's just silly. ...But since we have to center on something, I guess he's Chaotic Good.

    What's his vocation?: Professional face breaker. You know...His own, yours, other people's...some belonging to random animals and statues. Depends on his mood at the time. Also, he has a job as a full-time lunatic.

    Should he really be fighting with anyone?: No, but he does. He does so with great effect, actually. Probably in the A range in power, the S range in skill, but in the E range in caring about it.

    What the devil does he look like?: Dag is a nearly bald individual who stands a little over six feet in height. His head is almost completely bald, save a long, unique ponytail that originates from a three inch circle of hair on the upper back portion of his skull. His ponytail extends in a single braid down to the small of his back. There it split off into three braided tails, each with a single inch spike ball woven into the ends which hang down below his buttocks. Not to worry, though. He's gotten quite adept at not sitting on or whacking himself with them.

    His face could be considered attractive as it is statuesque in nature with strong but delicately chiseled features, though heavily pierced. On his eyebrows, the has strings of silver studs and his lower lip has four studs placed in it along the parallel of his visible lip ridge. Both ears have strings of studs running along the cartilage and the lobe, and he has a small ring in his nose which clutches tightly to the medium that separates one nostril from the other.

    Dag never wears a shirt, revealing his heavily tanned skin. A bit scary to those who know he used to be quite pasty. He is of a medium build, but heavily muscled with broad-ish shoulders and a visibly strong core. He has a number of tribal tattoos on his torso and arms (just use your imagination until I actually summon the will to type out descriptions).

    He wears loose fitting cream colored pants that allow him a large range of leg motion and flexibility, but their surface is rather slick and difficult to grasp. Traditional black Tabi extend halfway up his calves, causing the pant legs to partially cascade over the top of them.

    So, about this guy's personality...: It's strange. Always people he likes, anyway. To people he doesn't like, well...that's where it gets weird. Sometimes he nice to them, and other times its like his mind has been dominated by a Lovecraftian Horror. He's very helpful, though. Well, he's helpful most of the time, anyway. He can also be a bit cowardly...or rather appear cowardly. It's more of a personality flaw as he can occasionally be frightened by things that he's not actually afraid of normally. When meeting new people he can seem overzealous, hyperactive, and even a bit crazy...which he actually is, in fact, so...erm. Moving on.

    Wait. What's with this guys gear?: Fellow has some wicked shackles binding his wrists. It's a four and a half foot length of thick chain, like one might typically find binding rather stout criminals.

    "Why is that cool," you ask.

    "Isn't that a bad thing," you may question. I'll tell you. It's is completely amazing and totally NOT a bad thing when your chains are not only indestructible, but the thing that grants you your immortality. These shackles glow with a faint white light and are nearly weightless. Well, they're nearly weightless to Dag, anyway. If he hits you with them, you'll know about it. Or, rather, you'll know about it after you wake up, if you wake up.

    So he has powers and stuff, right?: If by "powers" you mean unparalleled hand-to-foot-to-face combat skills and a completely unique form of immortality, then yes. The immortality that he is granted by his chains is unique in its function, and a highly undesirable power, by any standards. When he dies, he will come back to life in the spot where he died, or a nearby location where he will not be harmed upon revival. This isn't what makes it unique.

    What makes it unique is that his body heals in the reverse manner of which it was destroyed. To outside observers, this seems to happen in a matter of seconds, if not instantly. However, to Dag, it seems to take five times as long as it took him to die in that fashion. Oh, did I mention he feels everything he would have felt during death if he were conscious?

    Overpowered? Not really. He takes a variable amount of time to resurrect based off of the seriousness of the nature of his death. Here's a bit of a chart for reference:
    Class A Death - De-materialization. Yeah, the big crap. The guy's been red misted. That's going to take about a month to fix and is definitely not going to be enjoyable when he gets pieced back together.
    Class B Death - Immolation. Not complete burnage. He's not an ash pile, but he's definitely a crispy critter. About a fortnight. or longer. Also not going to be pleasant coming back from it.
    Class C Death - Boulder to the...body? Yeah, crushing damage is never good. We're thinking a week. Gonna be a might uncomfortable on the reverse.
    Class D Death - Dismemberment. Yeah, that only works in the movies. I don't care how deep you bury those parts, they're coming back angry...after a few days.
    Class E Death - Severe mortal injury. How about a shotgun to the face? Big bore rifle? Decapitation? Those seems like good examples. He'll be back and ready to kill by the end of the day.
    Class F Death - Minor mortal injury. Gunshot to the head or heart sounds good. Immediate Regen or after a few hours, depending on the size of the hole.

    Who exactly is this guy?: Many years ago, Dag(really long extension I've forgotten) was a monk in a far off mountain temple. Shut up, I don't want to hear the C-word from you. I don't care how overused it is. In any case, long story short because he's over there glaring at me and poking me with a stick to get this finished, he ended up committing horrible acts of unspeakable horror against gods and men during a type of bloodrage. Gods were not happy, but instead of destroying him, they taught him a lesson by slapping chains of "you get to die and get pieced back together painfully each time you do" on him, presumably while laughing hysterically. In any case, they set him loose on the world with the knowledge that the chains would only come off if he committed an act of true selflessness to save the life of another, during the act of which he was to die. Needless to say, he's still upset about that, because it's nearly an impossible request since he can't die anyway. Thus, that puts a bit of a damper on the whole "true selfless act" aspect of it. Oddly, this has not made him a disagreeable's mostly the dying repeatedly and coming back that gave him his occasional moods of grumptastic behavior.
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