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    It's like we can't do anything without inducing some sort of cataclysm. First the Mage tries to cheat our employer, then all hell erupts. In hell, no less.
    Nicos rolls his eyes. If he got out of this alive, there would be blood, preferably that of his damned employer.
    "Kharaigshas," He muttered under his breath, and the fly statuette in his hand quickly grew to the size of a small warhorse.
    I really could use a plan. Come on, Sphaerideon, think. It's what kept you alive this far, and it will keep you alive into the future. So, deliver a message to Belial, don't let Firenia know. It sounds like the lord of the flies is playing politics. Nicos smiled. I can work with this. Nicos Sphaerideon, Lord of the Flies. I like the sound of that.
    Okay, the computer doesn't like me. Rolls on OOC.
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