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    ~Iivraena Lil'kenafin~

    Iivraena sighed as she turned back in time to see the rest of the bridge disappear. Thankfully, however, Alakdriirn had also gotten off of it as well. Her head turned upon hearing Theda speak to her in her mind. She took a deep breath to try to calm herself before replying back, "Yes..... we're fine. I just really want that damned elf dead before he kills us all. I think the easiest route would be, if you don't mind, allowing us to get on Tonn and fly us over. Hopefully I can find Belial, give him the damn scroll and end this before too much more happens...." Her arms crossed across her chest tightly, ensuring the scroll remained there. The last thing that should dare happen... Lolth or any deity forbid... was for that scroll to get lost. Should that happen, the rest of Hell that hadn't broken loose yet probably would.
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