~Iivraena Lil'kenafin~

Iivraena sighed again upon hearing Theda's answer. In her eyes, Ia deserved anything but help. After all, he started this damn mess... as far as she was concerned, he could get himself out of it. Still, time wasn't stopping and she knew this. "Fine.... worry about them. We'll try to hurry on ahead." With that, she gave Alakdriirn's leash a tug and began running towards the mountain. Once she got a good enough view of it, she should be able to try to use another use of her helm and make the job even easier. Then, hopefully, it could all be over with sooner. She had taken into account the incubi having already left, but hopefully they'd know it hadn't been caused by her for one or, if they didn't care about that.... it mattered not to her. Not ever since she felt the ability to cast spells come back to her which was enough to give her a content feeling for the time being. At least in place of all the hell Ia was making fall apart, he had allowed herself and Theda their spells back again so something good was coming out of this.